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Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Pope of Nope says Nope

Camoin TdM 
Oh boy, 'troubled plans'. That's not what I need today, in any aspect of my life. So I refuse to accept it. My plans won't be troubled! I defy you, stars!

There may be complications today, but I'm going to do everything I can do to prevent it.

ETA: So this is what happened...

I had a children's event planned and went fairly well but I ran out of time and left out the plenary -- forgot about it!

I misread the timetable and was 20 minutes late to my next work shift.

Found out the hold-up on our mortgage offer was because the surveyor hadn't collected an amount owed by us for an upgrade from mortgage valuation to Home Buyers Report -- although there is no way for us to pay that, we have to be contacted by them to collect the money. Yet they were sitting there waiting to be paid by us. Idiots.

Hubby had planned something for Friday but hadn't made all the necessary arrangements and so that nearly fell through but it got worked out in the end.

Cards right again!


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    1. Ack, that's quite a few 'troubled plans' for sure! At least you can right the things you now know about :)