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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Flow like a flood

It's Thursday, it's back to work for me, and my draw for the day from Mystic Tarot (by Mystic Meg) is 9 of Water. We see nine water fountains and nothing else.

The little companion book to the deck says, 'Nine is the signal of sharing, security and strength in the knowledge that the future is truly exciting.' Well, maybe. In my way of thinking, nine is the signal of the end of a cycle and 'heralds change'...

But in all ways of thinking, that's a lot of water. And that reminds me of a word I've been pondering lately: flow. I want to learn more about this concept from psychology. This Ted talk by the man himself is a good place to start:

May I enjoy 'flow' today. And you, too. :)


  1. Hope that your first day back at work passes smoothly - with only the appearance of boxes of sweeties and coffee to disrupt your day :-D Have a great Hogmanay when it comes, Carla! <3

    1. I work customer service and today had to break up a fight between two homeless guys so, yeah. But still. Just another day in the library!

  2. I consider myself lucky for how many flow activities I have in my life. Sometimes, I even find accounting a flow activity, like today when I had to do a rather complicated end-of-year thing. Challenging, but not overwhelming :D

    Splitting up brawling hobos doesn't sound like much fun, but hey, it beats boredom :D

    1. It was actually kind of funny, but the sort of humour only customer service folk find amusing. :)

      I have some flow activities, too, but want to cultivate flow more consciously this year. x