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Sunday, 5 February 2017

February Month Card and Mantra

Star Tarot, Cathy McClelland
February is the second month, so to find the 'month card', I have added 2+2017=2+0+1+9=12. The Hanged Man. Or the Hanged One, as Cathy McClelland calls it in the Star Tarot. Please follow the link in the image caption to read Cathy's words about this card.

The Hanged Man, then, is the card for February. As Cathy says, the image represents a sort of surrender to the universe. With all that's going on in the world, surrendering up our fears and worries seems the best possible choice, and it is the advice of the card.

The mantra that I have selected to represent the Hanged Man is Shante prashante:

Shante prashante sarva bhaya upasha mani swaha

Invoking peace, perfect peace, I offer up the energy of fear to the universal formless mind

Bhaya is the word for fear. If you would prefer to release some other energy, you can substitute a different word: 

Khroda - anger
Shoka - grief

Here's a pleasant enough example of one way to chant the mantra. Chant it however it suits you.

I am chanting this for 5 minutes a day every day in the month of February.

Blessed be!


  1. Ooh, I'm tempted to join you in that chant! :)

    1. I listened for a bit and then chanted this mindfully for six minutes (though the Deva Premal version - I do like a bit of tunefulness, and what a voice!) :D

    2. Cool. I prefer chanting to singing when I chant. I like to find a tone that rumbles a bit in my chest, if I can, instead of being from the throat. It feels more like the om's voice. :) Or summat. Plus singing makes my throat hurt and takes too much breath. For me.

  2. I miss you! Happy to be able to come here to still "spy" on you. :)

    1. Email me! I'm having a running conversation with Margo by email. :)