Friday, 14 April 2017

Images from my garden

What have I been up to lately? Learning to bake sourdough bread, discovering the joys of board games and making a start on doing up the garden. 

Here's what I've managed so far, using a lot of stuff I found out there (salvaged brick, an old stump, some flower pots I brought from the flat). 

It takes a lot to fill a garden, but only a little to start to make it feel welcoming. This is just the beginning -- the shed arrives next week -- and I'm going to paint it like a beach hut!

View from back door

View from the back step :) 

Old flower pots, old bricks and pansies 

Classy owl wall art

Brand new grow tables (ignore the junk, that's going)

a £2 watering can

Faery altar from found stump and stones (that's our leftover Yule tree)


  1. Thank you for giving us a peek into you garden. It looks so colorful!

    1. I am completely in love with this shade of very hot pink on this shed, for example:

    2. It's either that or this lime green with purple trim and red door:

  2. Love the colour! And the owl :D And especially the faery altar ;)

  3. Love it! Nothing like creating your own garden "world".

    1. It's really enjoyable. I like having such a small space (in comparison to the American 'yards' I used to have) -- it makes it feel much more doable, and really, you don't need more than just a patch. :)


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