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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Hey, I'm still here! (waves)

I haven't been blogging about tarot, but I'm still doing readings if you want one, and I've been keeping myself busy with the new house.

This week the decorator is in doing some painting in the dining room. Yesterday, he removed some paper, today he's sanding the walls, who knows when the painting will start.

Last week, a work colleague gave me three tomato vines, and yesterday I decided at sweltering 4 pm that would be a good time to repot them, and of course I caught the sun on my face and neck. The courgette plant is taking over the neighbourhood; I decided yesterday to clip off some leaves that looked worse for the wear and I'm hoping it doesn't see that as a good reason to die.

All those pretty winter flowers went the way of all flesh, and now I'll need to get new bedding plants to replace them, but yesterday the hubster and I went clothes shopping (we both looked like Victorian orphans, it was really time to buy something) so it will have to wait until cash reserves are replenished.

Speaking of which, last week we had to buy a new clutch for Old Faithful, and this week we've got the decorator, so even though we have this week off, we haven't been able to travel to Wales as we'd planned. Too broke. However, my recent tarot/oracle sales have generated Paypal money for the buying of board games, so we have been playing those every evening and enjoying them very much. Hope everyone who bought decks from me is loving their new decks.

Here's how the garden looked at 7.00 this morning. (Hubster calls this corner 'Carla's farm'.)

The newly potted tomato plants. Blue pot: french beans, green pot chili pepper (Apache).

Left planter: cayenne pepper and more dwarf french beans. Right: herbs

Left: the triffid yellow courgette
Carla's farm (that's the neighbour's fence, nothing we can do. Spot of soil is where at 9 pm last night I decided to repot the french beans and apache pepper to make space in the planter) 


  1. Love the bright yellow raised beds on legs. Here the heat and humidity have just about tapped out some of the vegetable plants while maturing others. What board games are you playing?

    1. You can see my collection here: https://boardgamegeek.com/collection/user/Solanum?own=1&subtype=boardgame&gallery=large&ff=1

      You may not be able to view it unless you are a member.

      Lately we've been playing:

      Castles of Burgundy
      Century: Spice Road
      7 Wonders Duel

      to name a few. :)

  2. Tee hee, Carla's farm looks great (no-one can blame you for the neighbour's fence). And the delights of home grown veggies and herbs are many *nom nom*

    1. :) Here's hoping I don't kill them before they make. :)