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Friday, 13 January 2012

Musings on the Gaian Tarot Aces

I'm trying to decide whether to trim the Gaian Tarot to create an oracle, as Sharyn has done in her blog, Quirkeries.  Before I do that, I thought it might be an idea to test the cards against my understanding of the numerology of the tarot pips, rather than comparing them in my mind to RWS images and memorised meanings, before I abandon the tarot associations altogether.

The Gaian aces seem particularly straightforward to me. The Ace represents potential, the availability of a new, creative impulse or energy. So, the Gaian aces feature baby animals representative of each suit.

The Gaian Tarot also helpfully abandons the symbols of each suit (Cups, Wands, Coins and Swords, moving clockwise around the above image) and instead just names them Water, Fire, Earth and Air. So, for water, a hatchling and some roe, for fire a lizard emerging from its shell beside flames, for earth, we've got Bambi and a fiddlehead fern, and for air, a newly-emerged butterfly. If you can't interpret those, what hope have you got, I say! So those fit right well.

I'm going to be 'musing' on each number in turn, but I won't be posting every card because I think that might be dodgy as far as copyright is concerned. So I will select samples. If they all go as easy as this, there'll be no trimming. Alas, this may not be the case. We shall see!

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  1. Hi Carla,

    If you're worried about copyright, Joanna has the images with watermarks up on her site, that you can just copy. Or, you could use befunky.com to add your own watermarks - that's what I do with all cards I blog about these days.

    As for the "to trim or not to trim" question, I think this deck works well as a tarot. Just my tuppence worth. Still, it's fun reading your musings as you decide for yourself. Three posts in one day, no wonder you're tired :)