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Saturday, 31 March 2012

'Balancing the Moment' with Cosmic Tarot

I first used this new-deck technique with Gaian Tarot, and as I just received my new Cosmic Tarot yesterday, it seemed like a good thing to try again! (I prefer this technique to 'new deck' interviews, as I never really felt a new deck was 'telling' me anything when I tried to talk to it about itself. I always found that technique a bit awkward).  

Step One. Separate the deck. Look through the deck and create two piles: Cards I like, Cards I dislike. 
Step Two. Reduce the piles. Study each pile carefully, and select 3-6 cards you like best of all, and 3-6 cards you most dislike. 
Step Three. Find the balance. Choose the card you like the most. Read it for its negative aspects and associations. Reflect upon how that applies in your life right now. Then choose the card you most dislike. Read it for its positive aspects and assocations. Reflect upon how that applies to your life right now.

Step One
On first sorting, there are only 15 cards in the 'Don't Like' pile. So I must really like this deck!  The cards I like either have an instantly obvious meaning to me, OR I just really like the art work, or both. The cards I dislike disturb or confuse me. (Example: Ten of Swords shows a bald male with glowing eyes, a beam of light emitting from his open mouth, being stabbed from all directions by little swords. Looks like a nightmare. I don't like nighmarish imagery.)

Steps Two & Three
Cards I like:
Cosmic Tarot US Games 1988
I find these cards very beautiful, particularly the High Priestess. She is my favourite card in this deck so far, and possibly my favourite High Priestess of all my decks. She seems to beckon me to join her in those deep waters, which are really my deep waters...She's gorgeous. The 9 of Cups is a lovely image, the colours are wonderfully warm, and the light and shadow playing the faces of the couple are doing good things to them. She is beautiful. There's something that feels sort of 'Deco' to me about the image. I find it really attractive. Finally, that pink flamingo is so eyecatching in The Star, and the diamond alice band she's wearing echoes the points of light all over the card. Wonderful image. 

What is the shadow meaning of my favourite card?  Well, the High Priestess reversed could be a lot like the Queen of Swords on a very bad day. Withdrawn, suffering from mood swings. If you talk to her you never know if she'll (curtly) answer you or just flat out snap your head off. She probably won't share anything that's not intended to cut. She uses her insight to sting and wound rather than to help. 

Cards I don't like:
Cosmic Tarot US Games 1988
I think the card I dislike most in the deck is Ten of Swords, but to be fair, I quite dislike all of these cards. That Devil card is just awful, I hate his face and nose ring, he just looks stupid. And the Fool is quite sinister looking, don't like his face, either. 

Ten of Swords reversed; it's not a card for which I've given much thought to shadow meaning. But if the 10 of Swords upright is genuine pain and anguish, maybe the 10 of Swords reversed is being a drama queen or an emotional hypochondriac. 

Huh! So is this a deck that will help me see when I need to get over myself?  Looks like it. :) And who doesn't need that message every now and then!

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