Is Joey in your tarot?

'In your own favourite deck, does the Knight's horse reflect the Knight's personality? Does the horse's livery reflect the suit's qualities?  Not all Knights are on horses - other creatures are used - do the other animals chosen reflect the Knight's suit, or has it been chosen arbitrarily?'

Alison at This Game of Thrones asks this question, so let's listen to the Knights in Courtney Davis's Celtic Tarot:

Knight of Cups

 I guess you could say I'm idealistic and dreamy. What's wrong with that? Why have feelings if you're not allowed to feel them? My feelings are, well, everything to me. I admit I'm always atremble with reverence for life and love and...feelings. Well, at least MY life and feelings. I don't mean any harm, I just get so caught up the beauty of it all. I swear it makes my heart just ACHE.  That star overhead, God isn't it beautiful. It represent all that is good, don't you think? I so aspire to finding a love like that star, to living my life like that star. It's just all so precious. You know, I don't really belong on a horse. War does not figure into my nature, though I sometimes entertain thoughts about it. It's so romantic, to go to war, particularly with the favour of one's lady tied around one's arm, marching out with the women weeping on your left and right, the maidens strewing your path with rose petals. God, that would be great. That's about as far as I get with war. So, nah,I don't need a horse. Joey can just go on back to Devon.  He's kind of plain-looking, actually, I'd want something with a bit more panache. I have plans, anyway, to moon about outside a fair maid's window tonight and write an anonymous poem to her.

Knight of Coins
This is a good solid horse. It's only practical to have a good, solid horse; he's going to have to carry a lot, what with all this body armour, and the long journeys ahead. A horse with a little meat on its bone and some sense in its head is just what's called for. None of your prancing, fine-boned Arabians for me. A good, steady horse who can stand the test of time, that's the ticket. No need for all your folderols and furbelongs either, all that flashing metal and floating ribbons and so on -- They would only catch the sun -- and the eye of the enemy. Why make yourself a target, I ask you. No, no, no [touching the chin in thought], best to be slow and steady, practical. 'Slow to speak and slow to anger', as the Good Book says. But steady on your feet when the time comes. That's what we want, that's the thing. And Joey's a good, sensible name, I like that. That'll do.

Knight of Swords
Oh my God, I'm so pissed off. I cannot believe the INJUSTICE all around me, can people not see it? Can they not THINK? It makes my blood boil to think there are people out there who don't see the SENSE of this war. This battle has to be fought, somebody has to DO something. Look, I know I'm not a mighty warrior, I've got a softer side, I wear a pinky ring and yes I'm holding some flowers, but you know what, these flowers are just a SYMBOL, okay, these flowers represent how fragile and brief life is here, and there's no REASON why things have to be bad for everyone, we can all share this earth and we can treat each other fairly, like--like--like that flock of birds flying over head, like this incredible wind whipping around me and blowing my hair and cloak all about. We're part of everything, can't you see? But when you can't talk someone into seeing sense (and I do enjoy talking, it's the best way to solve things, communication, I've always said that), but when talking no longer works, well, you just have to run right out on the battle field and BEAT some sense into people, don't think I won't! Horse? No, I don't have a horse, I came out here to parley, but they wouldn't listen and so now I'm ready to give the boys a rallying pep talk. 'They may take our LIVES...but they'll never take...our FREEDOM!!!'

Knight of Wands
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Battle!! Yes, by God! I will beat you down, damn your eyes! I am the hero of this field, this horse is the mightiest horse ever to enter a fray. This horse is crazy for your blood!! And I will have you, by my beard I will! [Words lost in spittle-spewing shrieks and thunderous hooves]