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Friday, 3 August 2012

Sample Super-Quick 3-Card Reading: Golden Tarot

A practice reading for an imaginary querent.

Golden Tarot, Kat Black 2003
Your frantic search for enlightenment, for answers, for happiness... has led to excess. It's rather urgent that you tone it down. Slow down. The key to true happiness is the 'middle way', and you are going to have to go in the opposite direction for a bit to achieve this, to balance things out. In other words, to achieve balance, you need to become extremely disciplined for a time and back off from the things you've been doing.

Look at the ways in which you are going overboard in your seeking. Step way back from those areas. Become downright circumspect. Teetotal. Party pooper. Stick in the mud. However you see being 'moderate' in the areas where you currently are overindulging. Be that! By doing this  you are quite likely to find your 'middle way' to the happiness you seek. 

(Practising to escape the habit of 'teaching' the cards in a reading.)


  1. Hey, Carla--

    Just for the chance to practice with another reader, would you mind if I read these three cards here, also. I see something a little different, and I'd love your feedback!

    Let me know, okay?
    Happy Sunday Afternoon . . .

  2. Thanks, Carla. Here we go . . .

    Dear Faceless Querent,

    The Star suggests to me that you've made yourself so available for spiritual input and guidance recently, and now, the Eight of Wands shows a lot of responses flying into your awareness. Although those responses may be well-organized, still, it's a lot of them--and they are coming quickly! It seems to me that, as Temperance, your next job will be to find ways to ground that new spiritual energy and make sure that you integrate it into your life in a balanced way.

    Also, notice that in The Star, you were naked, vulnerable, open--but as Temperance, you're fully clothed. That's another signal to me that the time for receiving input is almost done, and you'll want to maybe cocoon yourself a bit while you figure out the integrating piece.

    Overall, Dear Faceless Querent, I'd say you've done a great job asking for guidance and help, and will be quite busy for a bit integrating the results.

    1. That's a good and perfectly valid reading. When I look at the 3 cards, I am drawn to the way the energy of the Star card seems to be shooting toward Temperance by way of the 8 wands pointing directly from one to the other. I guess the 8 of Wands suggested frantic movement to me on that day. :) I like your reading, too. :)