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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Only her hairdresser knows for sure

I'm an Aquarius and so it seems natural that the Star is a favourite card of mine, and this one from Haindl Tarot (Lotos 2002) is in my Top Ten of all Star cards. There's something so romantic about the maiden washing her hair in the stream here. I love it. It has to do with oneness, and vulnerability, and purity, and ritual, and all sorts of wonderful things.

'The Star shows a kind of consciousness that does not need  extreme measures. She bends down to wash her hair, and so becomes part of stone and water. With the star in the sky giving us fire and air, we find all four elements, not as in the mystic Grail emblems of the Magician, but in nature, in daily life' (Pollack, Haindl Tarot: Major Arcana).

I like the easy nature of the card, and as I don't have to go to work today (it's my day off for Saturday), I hope my day is as flowing and gentle as this card. I'm off to Spec Savers, though, to see if they can do anything about this nuisance of having to take my glasses off every time I need to something close up, and put them on again to see something across the room. My days of reading while watching TV are now in the past! And at this point, even my dinner looks blurry if I don't take my glasses off. They may give me a new prescription, but I bet they just tell me to keep taking them off and putting them on to deal with the close vs distance vision thing. Ah, aging.

Added to this card we see the Hebrew letter Tzaddi, meaning 'fishhook', the rune Eh, which means 'horse', and the astrological symbol for Aquarius. This card is associated with element Air, which is symbolized by the white border. (I forgot to mention border colours in previous posts.) To be honest, I have no clue what fishhooks and horses have to do with this card, but there you go!


  1. I thought I remembered you writing something about the fish hook being linked to spiritual searching - sticking your hook in the water and waiting for enlightenment :)

    I haven't got the glasses issue yet, my main complaints about aging are my weak joints and weight getting harder to shift...

    1. Maybe that's it, then! :) I didn't go in the end because it was lashing it down with rain and I couldn't face the walk.

    2. Oh, and four years ago I didn't have the glasses issue yet, either. I'm four years older than you, you know. It makes a difference!

    3. Oh, the joys that await me. Failing eyesight, hot flushes: shoot me now! :)