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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Change of plan?

Cat's Eye Tarot, US Games 2011
Here's a pip card with no pips on it. I have to admit, that does annoy me. I have a few decks in which the illustration does not include the right number of pips; I just wonder WHY? Why not put the pips in? And with this Seven of Pentacles from the Cat's Eye Tarot, I have to think, what does a cat sitting in an open doorway have to do with Seven of Pentacles? One of my little litmus tests for a tarot is, if there were no titles on this card, could I tell what card it is? This particular card gets a resounding no from me. If that bit at the bottom were chopped off, this would be a painting of a cat. A very attractive painting, very charming, but still -- nothing here to lead to me think, 'Oh yes. What an apt representation of the Seven of Pentacles.'

The traditional RWS 7 of Pents shows a farmer leaning on his hoe in the middle of his field, admiring his crop and awaiting the bounty of the harvest. The Druidcraft shows a druid harvesting mistletoe, beside a rock carved with seven pentacles. Even the Gaian Tarot, even though there are no pentacles in the card, has seven trees standing in the background. I just like my pip cards to have the right number of something on them.

Anyway, leaving that aside, today's card is the Seven of Pentacles, a card which usually is interpreted to mean patience while something comes to fruition, amongst many other possible alternatives. I can't see that in this cat. So I looked at the LWB and had to laugh, because it describes exactly what I've already done this morning:

'Take the time to assess your progress as you reach for a goal [so far so good, very traditional and expected]. If you do not see the expected results, you may need to make an adjustment. Do you find yourself standing at a crossroads needing to make a choice? Stop, assess and then prepare to move on and enjoy the good things life has to offer.'

Well, today I assessed my yoga programme and decided I should add in some weights work to support my practice. And I did a weights workout this morning instead of yoga. So after I'd assessed and made a change, I drew a card confirming what I'd just done. I assume more assessment and change is on the horizon. (I know I could use it where food choices are concerned!)

I really have no idea what this cat is assessing. Maybe he thought he wanted to go outside until he saw it was dark out there and now he wants to go back in? He is looking up (presumably at the person who opened the door) with a 'You've got to be kidding me' sort of expression on his face. I suppose whether to go out or stay in is one of the biggest decisions a cat may make in a day.

Clearly I will need to draw more cards in order to warm a bit toward both cats and this deck. It's cute, you know, but I'm just not feelin' it yet. Still, I'm trying to 'be more cat'!!


  1. I love moggies :-), in some parts of the world a cat is considered to have 7 lives (or so I have heard don't know if its true). In the UK a cat is considered to have 9 lives. So, I spose they thought they could take away the pips - 'a cat has 7 lives so lets forget the pips and people will know why this card is the 7th of something'. Just a guess. A friend of mine has a ginger tom cat called Dave :-/

  2. A cat called Dave. ha ha! We had cats in the past, but I never actually named them. I just called them 'that damn cat.'

  3. Ha, you should pop by and see the deck I'm using this week! Not only no objects on most of the cards, but some are seriously grotesque :/ Still, it's colourful, and challenging...

    I like your interpretation of this card. I could also see having worked hard to get some humans to take you in, but still feeling the call of the wild. All that hard work, but do you want to stick around and enjoy the fruits :)