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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Lots to do

Druidcraft, Carr-Gomm & Worthington 2005
Rough night. I kept dreaming I was at work. It wasn't a bad dream really, but I resent my sleeping hours being dominated by work when I have to devote so many of my waking hours to it. Hardly seems fair! I got up at 1.00 AM and ate a bowl of cereal (food sometimes helps with grounding, though that is the first time I've ever eaten in the middle of the night to stop a cycle of dreaming) and read a bit. Went back to bed determined not to dream same things again, and also got out my night guard (a bite splint to help relax the jaw and prevent sleep bruxism--it's not that uncomfortable to wear once you get used to it, but I still only use it when highly motivated), and my autosuggestion caused my eyes to pop wide open as soon as my dreams went back to the workplace. That happened two or three times and pleased me. I felt relieved that I could exercise some control over my own dreams.  I finally slept and had the strangest dream about a doll-like figure walking about called 'Silver Baby', wearing a silver onesy like it was made of kitchen foil. Some man driving a Ford KA tried to run the doll baby over and I threw an apple and hit him in the cheek, dragged him out of the car and proceeded to smack him in the face with my fists, like in a 1950s Western film. Really bizarre, but I'm pretty sure the baby comes from 'Big Baby' in Toy Story 3, which I watched for the first time the other day, and I found that character really scary! Plus we used to own a Ford KA. Where the details of the apple and the punching came from, who knows. Dreams are weird, but at least those weren't set in the workplace!

Anyway, today's card from the Druidcraft Tarot tells me that it's not going to be a day of sitting around for me today. In fact, I have a To Do list that I ought to take care of. I've got a reading for TABI waiting, and I need to work on my latest creative project, plus I've got my yoga, cardio-weights workout, and meditation to do. And I would like to finish a book I've been reading today, if I can. Then of course there's next week's blog entries to be prepared for, and as always plenty of house work. Not to mention three meals to be cooked. And food shopping to do!

Okay, now I'm starting to freak myself out a bit. I would like to get all these things done, but I know that the world will still be turning if I don't. At least the 8 of Pentacles card reminds me that what I do accomplish today will be of good quality, and is good practice for me in honing my important life skills, not just busy work. Besides which, seeing to daily tasks can be meditative and renewing. It depends on the attitude you approach them with.

Wishing everyone else a restful AND productive Sunday.


  1. I want to dream about Silver Baby ...

  2. Ha, I just dream about chocolate cake with frightening regularity. This time, I was in a supermarket trying to choose between the Thornton's chocolate cake, a Waitrose moelleux, a triple chocolate fudge cake and a chocolate mousse cake. I think I'd be better off with Silver Baby ;D

    Good luck with your to-do list!

    1. Double workout done, pizza dough on rise for lunch, and just about to open TABI to take another look at that reading. :) Good progress so far.

    2. Mmmm, homemade pizza - yum! :)

    3. Holland and Barret do a nice vegetarian pizza

  3. For me this card is about a steady stream of chores/activities etc. And everything that isn't done today will be there tomorrow. It is more about the quality and the fulfillment of the work then about the quantity of checked boxes.