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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Rowan Scissorhands

Lenormand Oracle Cards, LoScarabeo 
This morning I got a wild whim to give my favourite Lenormand deck a 'radical borderectomy' (as Judy Kerr called it) to get rid of the distracting white borders. I got ten cards in and realized I wanted the dark inner borders gone, too. So I did it!  I love them. I've always really loved the images in this particular Lenormand deck, but the cards were a large size (for a Lenny) and I didn't use it as much as my smaller decks (Pixie's Lenormand and Postmark in particular). But NOW?? Now that it's so wonderfully petite and beautiful in all its denuded beautifulness? Ha! I will be using it a lot.

Mission of week: Find a tin to keep this little treasure in.

Here's a Square of Nine I've drawn for Autumn Equinox. Haven't looked at it yet. In fact, I drew and laid it out face down on the scanner, so in fact I haven't even seen it yet:

I'll ponder these and come back with an interpretation soon. :)


  1. They look great. DonnaLeigh is also a great fan of trimming the borders.I've trimmed my Druidcraft Tarot (78 cards and sore fingers) Perhaps I will give it a try with my French Lenormand some day. Those cards are really big

    1. I have a French Lenormand, too, but I better take pity on my thumb. I use scissors, and I'm left handed, and for some reason, cutting makes a horrible ring around my thumb. One deck I did caused my thumb to actually go numb for a couple of days and made a purple ring of bruise around my thumb. It's because once I start cutting, I can't stop until I've done ALL the cards. I can't help myself!

    2. I have to admit that I did my Druidcraft Tarot in several days, just a few cards at a time. Take care of your thumb. :)

  2. I think the trimmed LoS decks will fit in an Altoids tin perfectly.

    Your are right, why does a lenormand need any borders at all? Well done!

  3. They do look lovely without the borders! Still, I have some other borderless decks that I love, and don't have to trim myself, so I can't imagine doing the same... Will look forward to reading what you make of the Nine Square :)