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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Tarot: taking stock

A stock take of my decks. I've made up categories for them. I couldn't be asked to put them in alphabetical order. I've marked with an out-of-five star rating. I put my favourites in bold red. :)

Rider Waite Smith
1. Diamond Tarot**
2. a brightly coloured one that I've trimmed the borders off and threw away the box so can't recall name
3. Giant Rider Waite Tarot *****
4. Original Rider Waite Smith***
5. PCS Commemorative *****
6. Yellow Box Rider Tarot (it may be unPC to love this one, but tough)***
7. Universal Waite***

RWS inspired
8. Morgan Greer *****
9. Aquarian Tarot** (never use)
10. Hudes Tarot** (never use)
11. Golden Tarot (Kat Black)****
12. Touchstone Tarot (Kat Black) *****
13. Anna K 1st edition****
14. Anna K MM edition *****
15. Tarot Illuminati****
16. Prairie Tarot***

17. purple box Thoth***
18. green box Thoth****
19. blue box Thoth (1986) *****
20. Cosmic Tarot***
21. Silicon Dawn Tarot*** (never use)
22. Haindl Tarot***

23. Druidcraft Tarot*****
24. Wicca Moon Tarot****
25. Gaian Tarot***
26. Robin Wood Tarot***
27. Wild Unknown Tarot***
28. Sacred Rose Tarot***
29. Sol Invictus Tarot*** (seldom use)
30. Wheel of Year Tarot * (bad buy; impulse at a tarot conference; may end up giving away)
31. Roots of Asia Tarot****

32. Tarot of the Sidhe*****
33. Tarot of the Sidhe (trimmed) *****
34. Joie de Vivre Tarot***
35. Hezicos Tarot****
36. Faerie Tarot (Hertz)**
37. Fairy Lights Tarot* (this is going to be my last standard-format LS deck; I haven't liked any of them for a few years now; will trade or sell)

38. Grail Tarot****
39. Arthurian Tarot***
40. Legend: Arthurian Tarot***

'Older' or Pips only 
41. Ancient Italian Tarot *****
42. Tarot (McCormack)***
43. Titania's Star Tarot**
44. Celtic Tarot****
45. another copy of Celtic Tarot (because of mishap with trying to ink the edges of the first one)
46. The Crystal Tarot (Trevathan)***

47. Servants of the Light Tarot****
48. Golden Dawn Magical Tarot *****

Novelty or Themed
49. Tarot: Complete Kit (mini)***
50. 8-Bit Tarot** (bought for hubby as cross collectible)
51. Cat's Eye Tarot* (new acquisition, probably not staying long!)
52. Vanessa Tarot***
53. Crystal Tarot (Permutt)****
54. Deck of the Bastard****
55. Pearls of Wisdom (wasn't sure where to put this unusual deck)*****
56. Art of Life Tarot** (I like it though I can't see myself ever using it as a tarot; may not keep)

So that's the whole collection. I could get rid of some of these and surely wouldn't miss them. I've been thinking of culling the collection again. We'll see how I feel in a week or so.

I wonder how many decks I've owned. I've lost count. I used to be able to remember all the decks I 'used to' have, but not anymore. The above are the decks that I've held onto for the longest, unless otherwise noted.


  1. Replies
    1. That impresses you? LOL I'm a ruthless culler of decks. You ought to see Chloe's at Inner Whispers!

      I'd like to have only the decks I truly love and use. But the trouble is, I also love shopping for and buying decks. True, I am able to trade or sell unwanted ones, mostly. I'd like to get this collection down to one box again.

  2. Yes collecting decks can be addictive. I try to be careful with what I buy but I love to get a package in the mail to

    1. I saw you got Oracle of Shapeshifters! :)

  3. I'm ruthless too Carla and have had and sold/traded/given away a hundred or more. Probably more. Fortunately I'm no longer enamored of buying decks and ignore the mob-mentality threads :) Having had cancer twice in two years has also smartened up my brain.

    Mine are alphabetical...

    1. I wish I could get to where there was no thrill at all in clicking buy, then opening the parcel. To be honest, those are my two favourite parts. Actually looking at and using the decks are anticlimactic, sad to say, unless the deck is extraordinary, which they usually aren't.

  4. My tarot decks are alphabetical, both in my computerised list and in my cupboard. My oracle cards, on the other hand, are by category - angels, animals, celestial, runic, chinese, goddess, wiccan... Culling, what's culling? ;D

    Glad to see the trimmed Sidhe made your favourites :)

    1. You have a category just for Chinese oracles? Wow.

    2. Well, it is a very small category, which shared a space with celestial decks, but once I'd started categorising, those decks didn't seem to fit anywhere else :)

  5. I have to arrange mine however they will fit into the two boxes, and they won't all go in if they're in alphabetical order.

  6. Oh , so lucky i found this post . Ass i saw up on this post, there's several deck that you don't like much or never use . And i love some of them , so if you don't mind sending me the price of these , i'll pick some deck and pay you via paypal :
    1.Fairy Lights Tarot
    2.Silicon Dawn Tarot
    3.Tarot of the Sidhe( not trimmed )
    4.The Crystal Tarot (Trevathan)
    5.Tarot: Complete Kit (mini) ( I love this kute deck )
    6.Art of Life Tarot