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Monday, 30 September 2013

The thunderbolt

Several of the Roots of Asia cards depict a figure in sitting meditation. Today we have the Judgement card. The figure has expanded to gigantic proportions, his head breaking through the outer atmosphere and into space. His body descends and breaks into the bedrock of the earth. He has become earth and heaven in his meditation, and his personal sense of self seems to have broken down entirely, merging with the elements of the earth and sky. There is a huge chasm down the middle of the figure, and rocks drop with a waterfall down toward the figures lap, in which rest his folded hands. At the figure's solar plexus chakra, there is an evergreen tree with a glowing orb at its centre. The figure's face is similarly lit up, identifying features obscured by the light, but also by the clouds and the darkness.

All in all, this image appears to show the disintegration of the self and merging into the whole. In other words, enlightenment.

I have notes written in my LWB, I can't remember where they came from but someone somewhere posted suggested card titles for each of the majors. I think these come from the deck creators themselves. The suggested title for Judgement is 'Conditioned Arising.' This is a Buddhist doctrine also known as 'Dependent Origination.' Understanding of Conditioned Arising ('Pratitya Samutpada') is the means to enlightenment (or the end of suffering). Thus it would appear that in this card image, we witness the moment of understanding the nature of Pratitya Samutpada.

The core of Pratitya Samutpada (Dependent Origination, or Conditioned Arising) is the notion that no beings or phenomena exist independently of other beings or phenomena. All is connected. The doctrine of Dependent Origination can seem complicated, and is usually taught by way of 12 Links (if you are curious, Google for '12 links (nidanas) of dependent origination' and be sure to bring plenty of liquids,  and maybe a bowl of popcorn).

The understanding of Pratitya Samutpada leads ultimately to freedom from illusions which cause suffering, and that is what this card is about. The LWB says, 'Now we can shed our final worldly or ego illusion. Our higher selves call upon the personality to rise up from self-imprisonment. We finally liberate our lives from learned limitations. We are reaching a higher level of awareness in the service of a new awakening. The door of our enlightened state is opened for us to move into. Divinatory key: The great awakening. A time of rejuvenation or healing.'

Now I do not expect to achieve enlightenment today, but I will certainly settle for some of that rejuvenation and healing. :) But who knows what the day may bring. Could be the thunderbolt!

Om vajrasattva hum!


  1. Our greatest illusion is our separateness. Aren't we all made of stardust? :D

  2. I'm so happy you use this deck once again . I can gather some information about it before got it on my hand :X. And for enlightment i hope this may help u ( sorry i'm not sure that i can post link on your blog or not if not just clear this cmt after u see it :D ) http://www.falungong.org.uk/index/introduction

    1. Thank you for the link, Hien Vien Peter. I guess I am quite immature, because I laughed when I read this sentence: 'The height of a person’s Gong is directly proportionate to that of his Xinxing.' Joking aside, I am not familiar with Falun Dafa. I will be interested to find out more.

      Hope you get your copy of Roots of Asia soon!

    2. Yep :D , the meaning of the sentence can be understand ( this is just my personal meaning ) : The level of a person is depend on how he/she behave with Truthfulness, Forbearance and Compassion .
      You can download Zhuan Falun book to find out more about Falun Dafa.
      The link is right here : http://www.falundafa.org/book/eng/zfl_new.html
      P/S : I'll have to wait until December , my sister will be back to Viet Nam to get married . :D

  3. This image is so much more meaningful to me than one with an angel blowing a trumpet and waking up dead people. Lovely post.

    1. It is a powerful image, isn't it? Thanks, sycamoretree!