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Monday, 21 October 2013

A-B-C, which will it be?

After I did the reading below, I sat down to the computer to type it up here and saw the poster above. What a timely message.

It turns out I do have a decision to make and it's not a bad thing, but it's stressful. I've been given the choice between several options regarding my job. I have narrowed it to three:

A. Stay in the post I am in and turn down all others.
B. Keep 18.5 hrs per week of my current post in my current work base at my current salary, and add 18.5 hrs at a branch I am not averse to working at at a higher salary (2 different roles).
C. Leave my current post entirely and my current work base to take on the new role at a higher salary in 2 work bases, one of which I really do not want to work at at all. The increase in my salary for doing this depends on whether they accept my salary negotiations. At worst, it would be a 13.6% increase in salary. If I get what I'm asking for, it would be a 20% increase in my salary. It would be unprecedented really to achieve that, though.

So, I've done a reading on it, examining the three options, and I've used Cosmic Tarot because it was lying there nearby.

The bottom row is choice A, the middle row is choice B, and the top row is choice C. The two cards hanging at the bottom are my current situation, and underneath that are the underlying factors.

Right now, I feel in danger of making a decision that could be a mistake and result in unhappiness, and possibly the loss financial security (5 of Pentacles). This is most likely a false belief. I have been successful at interview and offered my choice of posts. The other candidates have to wait until I decide and take what I leave. Of course I fear that I might end up in a work base that could be cut or downsized, but the same thing could happen to me where I am now. Underlying this fear is the comfort and confidence I have felt in my current role (Queen of Cups).

To choose A, to stay where I am now and turn down any new role, would allow me to continue to feel in some sort of control of my situation (King of Wands + Princess of Wands). But actually, I have found my situation there stifling in many ways, and would continue to (10 of Wands), and if I stay there I will always wonder if I should have made a different choice ((Moon reversed). I will always feel unsettled and confused in some ways (Moon reversed). There are lots of wands here, but they may just reflect 'busyness' rather than progress toward a goal, given the 10 of Wands and outcome card of reversed Moon.

To choose B, staying at my current work base and taking the preferred advancement, could actually be part of my 'life path' -- the Lovers card is my life card. The Lovers and the 2 of Cups echo one another and reinforce one another. I could feel triumphant and lauded in this role (9 of Wands) and it would  be a situation where I might end up feeling a sweet level of contentment (Star). The cups and wands are positive cards and the outcome is a major, the Star, which in any reading and in almost any position is a positive card.

To choose C, to take on the two advancements and leave behind my old post and my preferred (current) work base, would combine the Loverish aspects of B (Lovers + 2 of Cups) with a harsh experience in the work place that I actually have no desire whatever to work in (Death + King of Swords). Taking on these two new posts would certainly mark an end to an era in my life (Death). The outcome seems to be one of cold mastery (King of Swords). I would not be unsuccessful in this role, but it would not be as comfortable and 'warm fuzzy' as the other. I might be successful but would I enjoy it?

I decided to draw some oracle cards to see what further information I might get. I used the Teen Oracle and drew one card for each choice. I then drew a card from the Angel Insight Pack:

Choice A - Don't take any of the jobs - Wizard - Any magic that comes of my work or my life having chosen this option would be what I made of it myself. Any satisfaction would have to be generated from inside myself. Angel Forgiveness - I would have to continually forgive myself for making this choice. It would be hard to reconcile myself to it.

Choice B - Take 1/2 old job + 1/2 new job in preferred location - Gratitude - I would feel grateful for having taken this choice and perhaps would have gratitude for the work that I do. Angel Peace - It seems to go very well with the Star; I think I would enjoy this mixture of roles. It feels the safer option.

Choice C - Leave old post and base entirely and take on two new roles, one in a troubled work base where I do not want to work - Miracle - This is an option that is rife for transformation in ways that cannot be predicted. Angel New Beginnings - The two new roles would present big new challenges in my daily life and in my work. Very challenging, but rich with unexpected growth opportunities.

'You can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one,' the poster says. But I don't think I'm ready to start a whole new book yet. The next chapter is enough. Choice B looks really good to me.


  1. With or without the cards I think you've made the best choice out of three. Nobody should ever take a job for 18,5 hour where they're not happy.
    I wish you much enjoyment in writing and reading your next chapter :)

    1. Thanks, it's great to have support. :)

  2. wheee!, you would be missed if you totally gave up your current post! :-)

  3. Totally agree with Ellen, even a part time job somewhere horrible would be really tough. A friend of mine ended up giving up the best-paying job she'd ever had, because it just made her so unhappy. I hope you'll be glad of your choice!

    1. Well, I did leave teaching for that reason, and it certainly paid better than library work. I'm sure once I settle in to the routine, I'll be happy with my choice. Plus, there'll be a bit more for tarot decks! ;)

    2. Hee hee, always a good thing ;)