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Sunday, 27 October 2013

I totally trimmed my Trevisan. Totally.

It's Halloween season, and that makes me think of the John Carpenter film, which makes me think of PJ Soles, which makes me start using the word 'totally'. So today, I totally trimmed my Crystal Tarot, by Elizabetta Trevisan. And it is TOTALLY wonderful trimmed. (Totally).

How they look fresh out of the box.
I have freed them from the awful multilingual titles and the numbers. I left some white all around. I did not want to trim to borderless because the white around the edges pleases me. The long skinny shape and multiple titles with the superfluous bars of pattern and distracting background oval shape did NOT please me. After a few minutes' contemplation this morning, I picked up my scissors took to whackin'. It tickled me no end to see each card come alive. It took only two snips per card, top and bottom,  and then the corners rounded. I have made this into a deck I can use more often, and that is a good thing, because I love these images.

Trevisan's Crystal Tarot -- totally trimmed!

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