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Monday, 28 October 2013

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature

I love this Empress card from the Wicca Moon Tarot, but then I do quite like every card in this deck. One of my favourite things about the deck is that all the people are modelled by real friends of the deck artist and creator, Shirlee@Wicca Moon. I like that they are all of a certain age and none of them seem to have been off their food lately, if you know what I mean. They look like normal, healthy people who live real lives and have been around a while. This is all very, very good, if you ask me. I can certainly relate to these people more than the flat-abbed, zeppelin-breasted semi-nudes found in many modern decks. These people have dignity. And they almost all wear velvet dresses, which I think I is so cool. I'd love a velvet dress and a voluminous black cape or, as the case here, a huge piece of diaphanous fabric to swathe about myself.

So here we have Mother Nature herself sitting in glory surrounded by symbols of her creation--plus some sweet little fairies as well. And some fat, floaty bumblebees. And a big, lazy transparent bubble hovering in the air. It's just all so nice, and so many symbols there to trigger associations and ideas -- the death caps, the lilies, the bumblebees, the tress, the butterflies,the fairies, her bare feet, the colour of her dress, the sunflowers in her hair...what a great card.

For me, I'll just take it as a reminder to get back to basics in my physical life -- but also to watch out! Because the weather today is forecast to be pretty wild, a side to Mother Nature that we would do well to respect. She brought us into the world, and she can take us out!

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  1. That's the beauty about Mother Nature: She just is. Weather disasters are no punishments of an Angry God. It's just weather. I will be careful but in the same time I will be in awe of this autumn storm.:)

  2. That is a beautiful image. I agree with you on all points. There are so many decks which appear knocked up these days, so it is nice to see one which has real heart and soul in every stroke.

  3. She makes me think of Demeter - a mother but of a grown child. A reminder that you don't need to show a young, pregnant woman for the Empress, as an older woman can still be a mother, and adults are still someone's child. That fits well for Mother Nature - she's been around for a while, but is still bounteous :)