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Friday, 18 October 2013

Note to self: Avoid throwing bull chunks at angry goddesses

    DO THIS                                      DON'T DO THIS
Important thing at work today. The cards seem to be saying to be logical and controlled, and not to worry about the outcome. I suppose the cards have a point. This is not a life or death thing here. Nothing is riding on the outcome of today's events. So why should I worry about it? I like the way the figure on the left is throwing the arrow over his shoulder, as if he's chucking the 5 of Disks over his shoulder with it. 'Psssh!' He seems to be saying. 'Away with you.'

If we look at the Babylonian aspects of the cards, the King of Swords (aka Arrows) is Ellil, sort of like the 'Zeus' of the Babylonian pantheon. He is the creator of the earth, and can have a volatile sense of justice (not unlike the Hebrew god Yahweh). There are storm clouds around him, but I think he looks pretty static and in control if you ask me. He must not be too quick to sling that arrow, if he keeps it facing the wrong way. It's like having the safety on.

In the 5 of Disks card, we see Gilgamesh ripping apart the Bull of Heaven. (Ishtar sends it to take revenge when Gilgamesh spurns her advances. He rips it apart and throws the pieces at her). Perhaps there is a further message here not to dismiss out of hand any offers that come to me tomorrow. After Gilgamesh throws the bull carcass at Ishtar, there follows wrath from the gods that results in the death of Gilgamesh's best friend, Enkidu. So it might be wise not to be as impetuous as he was. Better think things over.

Okay, I can live with this advice. Should I draw an outcome card? Do I dare? Oh, go on then.

Oh, look what the card says: 'Success.' :D Well, that's lovely! This card depicts the story of Utnapishtim, the Babylonian Noah. The gods got tired of all the humans making so much noise (when they created them they forgot to give them a life span, so the place was soon overrun with the noisy buggers) but Ea, the creator of humanity, warned Utnapishtim to make an ark and you know the rest. Except in this story, Utnapishtim and his wife are granted immortality, while the rest of humanity finally get a life span. For no explained reason, at the bottom of the card are a lion fish and a merman. Maybe they were the only thing surviving while Upty and Co were floating on the surface there. Interesting to have pulled this today, because it's the same card I pulled on Sunday morning (in a personal reading not posted here) when I asked 'What is the truth about work?'


  1. Best of luck with the interview. Hope you can holster your impetuosity, and enjoy the success you deserve :)

    1. I think I did okay. I was frank in answering questions about where I'm interested in working, and also about where I'd expect to come in on the salary scale. We shall just have to see.

    2. I have my fingers firmly crossed for you! When do you find out?

    3. I did get the job, but not at the salary I was hoping. That doesn't matter now though, because in January 2014, I got a different job anyway, which I start on 3rd March 2014!

    4. Love that there's so much movement going on for you - very positive :)

  2. I quit that second job after six months and went back to the first one. Got rid of Babylonian Tarot, too. LOL