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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Share a Spread Sunday: Hexagram Priorities Spread

I made this one up based on the shape of the hexagram. It probably isn't new, but I don't remember seeing it anywhere. (I first posted it on Aeclectic Tarot: Setting Priorities Hexagram Spread.)

The hexagram is made up of two overlapping triangles, one pointing down and one pointing up:

The downward pointing triangle is feminine, the upward pointing triangle masculine. The spread should be read as two 3-card sets. The spread is laid out in this order:


1-3) What I should be receptive toward today (or in this situation).
4-6) What I should act upon or seek to achieve today (or in this situation). 

You can then look at each card individually, particularly card 1 which is the top receptive priority, and card 6, which is the top active priority. 

You can read the cards yet again, with 4-6 being what is obvious or apparent at the moment, and cards 1-3 being what is hidden or unrecognized. 

A sample draw with the Hezicos Tarot

Cards 1-3--Hierophant, 10 of Cups, 5 of Coins; Cards 4-6 -- Magician, 8 of Cups, 7 of Swords

Quick Summary of Draw
These quick summaries are just to give a brief flavour of how a spread works, and do not constitute a full reading! 

It looks like today will be a day of mood swings for this querent. Most deeply concerned with getting things right (Hierophant), she will probably find herself alternating between deep contentment (10 of Cups) and (mostly unfounded) worries (5 of Coins). We've all had days like that! The most important thing for her to hang on to is the knowledge that she is living her life right according to her own beliefs (Hierophant). Everything else will take care if itself. 

So, armed with that knowledge, the querent should act with great belief that what she does will have positive results (Magician). Whatever project or task she is working on today, she should consider taking it in a new direction (8 of Cups). Changing tack may be a bit unsettling, but it needs doing.  Be crafty with it, as well! Use some cunning strategy, particularly if that strategy makes her feel just a little bit cheeky or naughty (7 of Swords). Not cheating, just a little bit daring. Kind of edgy. 

If you try the spread, do let me know! 

If you would like me to do a reading for you using this spread, you can order one by clicking on the 'Order a Tarot Reading' tab at the top of this page. Select '4-6 cards' in the Paypal gadget, then just write 'Hexagram Priorities' and your question in the instructions, or send me a separate email to rowan_tarot@yahoo.co.uk. 

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  1. Nice spread, Carla! I like the different ways of reading it, too - receptive or hidden, active or apparent :)