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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Share a Spread Sunday: Let's do the Time Warp again

I first featured this spread on my blog in March 2012, when I created it. Halloween approaches and this is the time of year to be watching movies like 'Rocky Horror Picture Show', so I thought I'd share it again. Thus -- Time Warp. :D  It is a great little spread for one of those pesky 'general' readings. The questions are based on selected songs from the movie, in the order they appear. 

Rocky Horror Spread

1) Science Fiction Double Feature -- What influence from your past colours the way you see and experience everything to this day? (In the way that science fiction B movies did for the narrator of this song)

2) Dammit Janet -- What do you feel passionate about in the here and now?

3) Over at the Frankenstein Place (There's a Light) -- What has suddenly emerged that might be of help to you? (Or does it just seem helpful? Could it be harmful?)

4) Sweet Transvestite -- Who is the real you?

5) I Can Make You a Man -- What is your greatest strength/skill?

6) Sword of Damocles -- What is your biggest fear?

7) Rose Tint My World -- What is your greatest desire, ie, you don't want to dream it, but be it.

8) I'm Going Home -- What outcome would be the most deeply satisfying to you?

Quick Sample Reading using the Silicon Dawn Tarot

1) 8 of Pentacles, 2) Knight of Pentacles, 3) 10 of Cups, 4) 7 of Cups, 5) Princess of Swords, 6) 5 of Cups, 7) 2 of Wands, 8) King of Pentacles. 

Okay, right off the bat, some things have to be changed here. This deck has the elemental correspondences the wrong way around (for me), so I read these cards as:

1) 8 of Wands
2) Knight of Wands
3) 10 of Cups
4) 7 of Cups
5) Princess of Swords
6) 5 of Cups
7) 2 of Pentacles
8) Knight of Wands

So here's the sample quickie reading: 
Your past is influenced by the need to always be busy, busy, busy. You were raised to be active and you feel like you always need to be doing something in order for your life to be worthwhile. This patterns continues for you in the here and now, where you are always on fire to do new things, to the point that you sometimes feel like you're spread a little thin. It's also possible that you spend too much money on all these different hobbies, interests and pursuits that you have. 

What has suddenly emerged that might be of help to you is a newfound sense of satisfaction within yourself. If you can embrace that, you might be able to let go of some of these firebrand pursuits that are becoming a bit of burden to you. 

The real you is rather opposite to these fiery cards - the 7 of Cups, a water card. The true you is more a dreamer than a doer, and would rather spend quieter time building castles in the air than fiery time actually building them. You actually prefer your leisure time to be a bit more easy going, but something in your past tells you it's a waste of time and you shouldn't indulge yourself in that way.

Your greatest strength is your ability to see things from two sides, and play devil's advocate. Try playing devil's advocate for yourself for a change. Your biggest fear is that you are going to get left behind, that you'll fall off your high horse and sink into the abyss. It's like you're afraid if you don't stay busy all the time, you are going to lose yourself. That you won't be anything at all. This is a false belief!

Your greatest desire is to ground and balance your life. There is so much fire and water in your life. You really long for some earthing. 

The outcome that would be most satisfying to you would be to at least master that fiery element of your life, rather than letting it master you. 

If you would like me to do a Rocky Horror Spread for you, just click the Order a Reading tab above, select the 7-9 card option, and write 'Rocky Horror' in the extra information window of the Paypal gadget. I'd love to read for you! 


  1. This is such a fun spread, and as you say, perfectly timed :) Haven't seen that film in so long, yet the songs echo within me still!