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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Does she look playful to you?

The companion book to the Druidcraft Tarot suggests that the Twos are about balance, a 'dance.' The Two of Pentacles, the book says, is about approaching balance with 'trust and playfulness'. Well, now, that doesn't quite seem to match the image on the card here. The lady in the image is standing on a rocky shore, wearing a very serious-looking gown, and a very serious-looking expression, juggling two pentacles whilst a very serious-looking shipwreck in a storm is happening right behind her. That isn't very playful, if you ask me.

Today I receive training on a tedious bit of work that is going to make up the bulk of my work for the rest of the month. So in order to keep my head above water, I suppose I am going to have to learn to balance the tedium with, as the book suggests, a playful attitude.

I still don't think she looks very playful, though! Though I suppose juggling while a ship sinks is a kind of playful thing to do. Or 'Foolish'. Or maybe just oblivious. Or possibly desperate.


  1. Or a false sense of control: As long as she is holding her pentacles up in the air everything will be alright and it obviously isn't :)

  2. She looks stoned (as in the herbal context); maybe she has gone to her "happy place" in her mind to deal with the stress. :D

  3. You're right, without the companion book I don't think anyone would think her playful. Yet, when you've got a lot to juggle, maybe you need to step back and realise that none of it really matters that much... :)