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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Singing in my pointy shoes

Faerie Tarot, Hertz
Yesterday was a good day at work. I had a one-to-one (called '121' or '1:1' by my employers) with my manager and we have begun to discuss a work plan for me. Then for the afternoon, I did actual work on the internal corporate website. Just plain rote work, but I felt like I was actually getting something done.

Today I believe I will continue in that vein. I've drawn the Page of Pentacles for today (and funnily enough, I've drawn a court card for every day this week!). The LWB to the Faerie Tarot says the Page of Pentacles represents 'application, thinking, study, desire to learn, new ideas; reliable colleague, an honest worker, intellectual work, earning money.' These are all fairly common interpretations of this card, and I agree with them. I don't really see how sitting and playing a lyre on a hillside gives any hint to these meanings, though. I wonder what is the point of having an illustrated card if the illustration doesn't give a good indication of the meaning. Surely it would be easier for the student of the deck if you just used plain pips, so they could examine your LWB without ideas brought about by the card illustration? My first reaction to someone sitting on a hillside playing the lyre to the birds would be of someone quite emotional and artistic, not someone like the Page of Pentacles who would rather be examining the bird's feathers or grubbing around in the grass trying to figure out how the root system works.

Got a dentist appointment tomorrow - apprehensive!

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  1. I quite like this character, makes me think of a bard-type student of the natural world, which fits the Page of Pentacles :) Glad you're starting to get your teeth into the job!