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Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Page of Wands questions, and I question this Page of Wands

It's Sunday -- yay! Another day off work. I am going to find it easy to get used to having every Friday and Saturday off. And every bank holiday weekend, I'll get the full thing. That will be nice.

sample with full border
You may have noticed that I've trimmed some border from these cards from the Faerie Tarot (Nathalie Hertz, US Games 2008). I found that there were just too many borders on the deck and all the colours distracted me from the image. At left is a sample of the Ace of Pentacles, just so you can see. Originally there was an extra band of colour, picked up from some splash of colour in the image of the card (in the case of the example, hot pink) and used as a border, going paler at the bottom where the title is printed. I found these bands of colour drew my eye outward, away from the main image, and within the image, focused the eye on the colour detail. So in the Ace of Pentacles here, it drew too much attention to the pink mountains in the background. In the Page of Wands, too much attention to the yellow wings. (Although that's the only 'fiery' element I see in the image, so maybe in that instance it was a good thing).  Also they made the cards a less manageable size. So I cut the top and sides off the cards and left the titles at the bottom. I do like them both ways, but I enjoy looking at them more and they're easier to handle without that outside colour bit.

Anyway, today is Page of Wands. I like this chap, but he doesn't look very Page of Wandsy. He's standing on a leaf, and it appears to be autumn, which rather mucks up my theory that the suit of wands is summer and pentacles is autumn...it also doesn't have much in common with the element of fire, which I associate with wands. Maybe wands is the autumn suit, then, which makes even less sense than pentacles being autumn. But never mind, let's just go with it. He's standing on a floating leaf, about him drift other leaves. He's wearing what might be the top of an acorn as a hat, and blowing a horn. Turning to the LWB, I find it is not very helpful at all:

'This imp looks toward the horizon as he passionately plays his long horn. His melody brings an important message: inviting us to take the road, to analyze a course in life. Playing skilfully, he embodies the potential of know-how. His goals are clarity and objectivity. The soft notes of the long horn can be heard beyond the fog. They make the dead leaves dance and inspire all to live peacefully. Divinatory meaning: An intellectual, well-disposed person, communication in letters, new ideas, creativity, integrity, reflection. Small journeys, international concerns. A loving and sincere partner.'

The LWB goes on a bit more, but you get the idea. Here's why I find it useless. He's the Page of Wands, a traditional bringer of messages, that I can go along with. But when has the Page of Wands' goal ever been clarity and objectivity? When has he ever meant skill, or an intellectual, well-disposed person? And why is he surrounded by dead leaves? The Page of Wands is full of enthusiasm and strong views, true he's bright but he's more into arguing and debating and more about hubris and playing devil's advocate than 'inspiring to live peacefully.' He's the student who is always challenging the teachers with questions they can't answer and always asking 'Why?' or 'Why not?' He's not playing the pipes of peace in a freaking autumn fog.

Beginning to remember why I seldom use this deck.

And why is this thing called 'Faerie Tarot' and then throughout the LWB, every instance of the word is spelled 'fairy'?


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  1. Have to agree with you on this chap, he doesn't embody anything I'd consider Page of Wands-y! I really like the look of the cards as you've cut them, too. But I don't think I care for this deck enough to go to the effort... :)