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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Tooth Faerie?

Yesterday I broke one of my teeth in half on a stupid Snickers bar. I swear, getting old sucks. (It was the same tooth that had a big filling in it that a small bit broke off a year or so ago. The dentist filled it, but I guess there was not much enamel left, because a different hunk has come off it this time. I believe the root is still quite healthy, though.) Fortunately it didn't hurt and still doesn't hurt, but of course as it happened on a Saturday, I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow to even phone the dentist, and this is not the best timing with my new job and so on. Typical! So I thought I'd do a reading on it, and just asked, 'What's going to happen with this tooth?' I drew three cards and decided to keep them reversed and just use the card meanings straight out of the Faerie Tarot LWB to see what Nathalie Hertz would say about it.

I've drawn the Strength card, which is my year card for 2014, so I'm thinking this is a 'character-building' exercise for me this year. Ha ha. I think it also shows that I will deal well with what happens -- I hate the dentist, and it's not because they hurt me. It's because I have really incredibly tight jaws and sitting and holding my mouth open for so long for them to do dental work causes my jaws, where they hinge, to burn, ache and cramp up. I mean, it really bloody hurts, and I usually have tears running out of my eyes and into my ears during the process -- not from crying, but the involuntary tears of tremendous effort. I am not looking forward to that.

Now the cards that interest me are the reversals:

Two of Pentacles reversed is 'unforeseen expenses, evasions, financial problems, unpleasant letters' according to the LWB. Well, I can see which interpretation to go with for emergency dental work! I looked at the dentist's website and a crown (which is what I'll probably end up having) starts at £300. Yay.

And finally, Two of Wands reversed is unusual. Hertz gives the upright 2 of Wands an unusual interpretation of stagnation and indecision (though to be fair I have seen it as a crossroads card in other decks). In the reversed position, she says it is 'better, announc(ing) innovation, hope and surprises, great happiness, changes, a possible miracle.' Well! So at least the outcome of the dental work won't be negative. But I wonder at the possibility of a 'miraculous' dental experience. Maybe I'll have an out of body experience...pfft.

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  1. Oh ye of little faith! First a "miracle" and then Christ himself on the day of the appointment: definitely seems like things might not be as bad as you fear ;)