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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Well, Kirk does mean 'church'...

Today I'm working from home because I have a dental appointment. I have a lot to get done today, but being at home with no distractions will help.

I'm a bit nervous about the dentist, not because I'm afraid of needles (though I don't love them) but because it hurts to hold my jaws open for a long time. Oh well, the King of Wands tells me to buck up.

There's something very Shroud-of-Turin-esque about this King of Wands! He's got the flattened nose and prominent cheekbones, beard, mustache and long hair. He's even got the crown, though the King of Wands seems to have a crown of feathers instead of thorns. Still, very Christlike. I've never really seen a Christlike King of Wands. It's an interesting concept, and also a bit unexpected in a faery tarot. The King of Wands here has flaming wings, the truffula tree staff seen in all the wands cards in this deck, and walks through a rather bleak landscape, accompanied by a boar. The boar stands for courage. I like the king's green robes, decorated with gold swirls, and his blue mantle, though I would have thought such garb might be more befitting a King of Pentacles. I think the three red diamond shapes hanging from his belt are just embellishments - I can't think of any symbolic significance to them.

Overall, he's no James T Kirk, my go-to character for a quick guide to King of Wands qualities. Still, I hope I deal with my dental visit and my first day of using technology to work from home with his fortitude and creative problem-solving!


  1. Well, Christ certainly knew how to inspire people to get up and do things, and was quite a public speaker, so those do kinda fit the King of Wands :) Good luck with the dentist!

  2. I can only imagine how pressured you were while waiting for your dental appointment. I know it hurts when you hold your jaws open for a long time, but that sacrifice is worth it when you maintain a healthy teeth. How’s your dental appointment, by the way? I hope you don’t have to deal with cavities. :)

    Stephen T. E. Malfair

    1. Hi Stephen, I got this tooth filled twice in two weeks. The first one fell out. So far this new one has been in for a week. I keep dreaming that it falls out. But so far it's still in there. I am still being careful with chewing on that side, though. I am going to go and see the dentist next week, I think, to get assurances that it is well-bonded.