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Monday, 23 June 2014

Cycling energy

Neuzeit (New Age) Tarot 
I bought this deck in The Speaking Tree in Glastonbury for £3. It's a strange little deck, Neuzeit Tarot (AG Muller 1982).

Now I have no idea what divinatory system this deck is based on, if any. But I have to share what the LWB says about today's card, 5 of Cups:

'Cups of the primal mother above whom the primal seed awaits its earthly awakening. This [sic] where the four dimensions of consciousness become apparent. Divinatory meaning: fertility, strong family ties, you are living in the right place, pronounced femininity, increased cosmic energies. Reversed: Bad harvest, insufficient health care for sick, weak femininity, homosexuality. Mother complexes. Gluttony.'


This reminds me of that New Age Bullshit Generator site. I'll just pop over there and ask it what it thinks this card means:

'You may be ruled by stagnation without realizing it. Do not let it exterminate the nature of your myth. Although you may not realize it, you are infinite. If you have never experienced this revolution inherent in nature, it can be difficult to self-actualize. Prophet, look within and develop yourself.'

Ha ha!

I really have no idea what to make of any of the cards in this deck, and the book is fairly useless, so we'll just have to roll with it.

The 5s are normally up to no good in tarot. I have looked at all the 5s in this deck and they don't seem to bear any relation to RWS/Thoth/Golden Dawn tradition. I don't think they bear relation to anything! But I don't see anything in this 5 of Cups to make me give it a negative spin. Let's look at the imagery.

At the top, a crowned, unroasted coffee bean shape glows like the Sacred Heart of Jesus. There's a golden pyramid flanked by silver mountains underneath it. Then a sort of wall with layers of heiroglyphs showing themes of war, travel, music and art, and at the bottom, the alphabet. A table is formed of stones and a slab of wood, and on this table is a big goblet surrounded by four smaller ones. A colour pours from the big goblet into each smaller one - red, yellow black, white. WAIT! That makes me think of a line from a song we used to sing in Bible school: 'Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world, red and yellow black and white, they are precious in his sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world.' Actually the first thing I noticed about those colours was that they correspond to the German flag. I wonder what significance if any they have to the card. And I wonder what significance that combination may have in the occult world. Wait, the LWB refers to the 'four dimensions of consciousness.'  These are:

'This is where the four dimensions of consciousness become apparent,' says the LWB. The only thing I can think of that this might relate to in a daily draw is perhaps meditation practice. Looking at the picture reminds me of a technique I use called 'cycling energy.' I suppose I will do the cycling energy meditation today, then.

This is going to be an interesting week!

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  1. Funny, I saw that unroasted coffee bean as a brain! Would still work for the cycling energy thing you picked up on... Separating our thoughts from our energy flow, so that we can find clarity :)