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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Girl talk

Shining Tribe Tarot, Pollack 2001 
You know, I suspected what this card was about before I read the companion book. Look at it. Starting from the top, a spiral oozing red. Then three downward pointing triangles (female symbols) trailing red into a vessel decorated with a green spiral and a band of red. As if that weren't clear enough, the top triangle is decorated with a 'tree' with curiously hairlike leaves and a red slit for a knothole. The others contain a red triskele and a sliced-open pomegranate.

The imagery is all about a particular monthly occurrence in most women's lives. More than that, it's about how we oddly get in sync with each other when we spend enough time together. And thus we arrive at the same meaning as the RWS 3 of Cups - albeit by way of much earthier imagery.

'This card's meanings reach beyond that specific subject to the idea of deep harmony between people, men as well as women. The card carries special meaning for spiritual work that people do together, in particular, ritual,' writes Pollack in the companion book.

There's only one person I share that close a bond with, but ht is is a daily draw and it's good to remember that daily draws should probably remain on the light side. So I think perhaps this is pointing to the 'sort-of' bond being formed in my current workplace. It's nice to have someone I can talk to now and then. On the other hand, she went home with a migraine yesterday, so she may not be at work today. Where's the calendar?