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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Grrr! Don't laugh at me, I am not cute! I am very serious and very angry! Fear me, world! GRRR!

Heart of Faerie Oracle, Brian Froud 2010
I've decided I've had enough of tarot and tarot books and thinking. So I've chosen the least likely deck for the week -- Heart of Faerie by Brian Fround (Abrams, 2010). I don't often feature oracles here but I think maybe I'll start.

I will not be looking at the companion book at all this week because I'm rather tired of making a study of companion books, and because when I first bought this deck years ago, I read bits of the companion book and I have to say, I don't think it was exactly 'inspired'. Wendy Froud, Brian's wife, wrote it. With the best will in the world, it's bland and insipid and to be honest, unworthy of the luminous art it accompanies.

And doesn't that sound just like something Tink would say? This card is totally appropriate for me today. I have been GRUMPY. It started with that Faery Wicca deck that I decided I couldn't use and spent a couple of hours reading about, then managed to find a more suitable home for, and has continued all day long as I complain about the state of flat as I've tried to tidy it -- where does all this dust come? Why do I have so many books? Why do we have so many DVDs? Why do we have all this CRAP? And complaining to my husband -- why do you keep dropping things, every time you drop something I go straight through the roof! I have accomplished nothing today and it's already 5:30 -- what is the point of my life?? I feel miffed and annoyed and slightly ridiculous because of course there is actually nothing wrong, I just FEEL like pretty much everything is wrong somehow. Dang it! I stand with my arms on my hips and fume at the world. Dang it all tuh heck!

You can see this little faerie Tink is standing there defying the world as well. I can imagine all her little muscles straining and the little fever builds up and goes up her little spine and pops right out the top of her beanie there in a little ball of light  -- ping! Her anger is so ridiculous it's rather cute. And it will probably fizzle out as fast as it arose.

It's most likely a hormone surge anyway.


  1. hope you feel better soon. i have been at sorts too for about five days now.

  2. Love your title! Makes me think of a Hollywood-esque scene where she's looking so darn cute, and then she waves a wand and major sh*t happens. Sometimes that cute anger is just a storm in a teacup, and sometimes it really might be a tsunami - can't tell from the fairy... Hope yours is the former! ((hugs))