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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Plenty and more coming

Shining Tribe Tarot, Pollack 2001
There is a river
that flows from God above
There is a river
that flows with his great love
Come to the waters
There is a vast supply
Come to this river
That never shall run dry 
                        ~ something we used to sing in church

I love this image! Such vivid colours. The red thing reminds me of an owl, and out of it emerges a river, with a big pink fish swimming up it - must be a salmon! A girl comes to the river to collect water, and on the other side of the river, a deer also comes for a drink.

This is the Ace of Rivers (Ace of Cups) from Rachel Pollack's Shining Tribe Tarot. I always associate Ace of Cups with a font of feeling, relationships, emotional needs being met and our boundless capacity for love, forgiveness, acceptance, and peace.

The companion book reveals the source of images in the card. The red 'owl' is a face figure carved in a piece of flint found at the mound of Knowth in Ireland. A search on the intranet tells me that it is actually a mace head. A mace was an early weapon of a stone affixed to a stick, but became a symbol of authority or a votive object. The woman and the deer come from Tassili rock frescoes in the Sarahan Desert.

The water flows from the mouth of this face with the spiral eyes, and the woman and the deer come to refresh themselves, the deer in his natural instinct of the moment, the woman carrying bags with a view to meeting the needs of her loved ones and in the future. Like the salmon, the fish swims upstream, returning to its point of origin.

This card reminds me of what's important in my life. Details are just details...it's the biggest picture that counts. Are my needs met? Am I loved? Do I love? Yes, yes and yes. How about you?

And another thing ... yesterday I told my manager I want to go back to my regular job. The secondment isn't for me. I've given it three months; I'm wishing my life away trying to get to the end of this 12 months, instead of just saying - hey! I don't have to endure this for 12 months. I'm in charge of my own life and I can say stop, I am ready to do something else now. So...that's another reason for feeling happy. It's relief. I'm flooded with relief. Curious as to what comes next.

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  1. Love your questions: yes, yes and yes! A heartfelt affirmation of joy and love and gratitude.

    Glad you are taking back your life!