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Friday, 27 June 2014

Sirian Starseed Hermit

Sirian Starseed Tarot 
Isn't this a simply gorgeous Hermit card? I love it. It's called 'Reflection' instead of Hermit, and the LWB offers these questions for...reflection...

Am I able to silence my mind and reflect on the situation at hand? How am I quieting my mind to contemplate the higher truth? Am I able to be still and listen to my inner voice? Have I matured from what I have learned?

The immediate situation at hand for me is I have made an appointment for 9.00 this morning to see the dentist about this swelling of the gums around my tooth. It's the tooth with the filling that gave me so much trouble in March and April. I have many fears about this, but I must quiet those fears because I don't know anything yet. There's simply no need worrying about the things that the dentist 'might' say, the treatment options that she might give me. In fact, from what I've read, I know what they 'might' be: a treatment of the gums involving an incision to drain the abscess (assuming it is an abscess), a root canal, or extraction. That's pretty much all they can do. But there's no point wondering and worrying what she is going to say until she says it.

The last two nights I have gone to bed very early. Night before last, 9.00, last night 8.30. I slept all night, except night before last, when pain in my gums awoke me at 2.45 and I got up to rub them with clove oil and take some ibuprofen. Last night I woke up briefly but the discomfort wasn't bad enough for me to have to get up to take pain relievers.

I can reflect on this fact. I am very lucky to live in a time when pain relief is a small matter of 50p or less for a box of ibuprofen, and dental care is available to help me. I might not particularly want to have a gap where a tooth used to be, but even if it comes to that, the procedure will not be life-threatening nor a torment of pain. For that I am grateful.

But for now, I hope that it's something minor that will require just a bit of fixing up.

ETA: Well, I'm back. The dentist said I have an external infection, gave me some antibiotics and made noises about my 'very deep filling' and hinted that this tooth might not be terribly long for this world. For now, though, I will happy to have this infection cleared up and no more pain. And I hope to hang on to to the tooth for another several years. To that end, I've decided to go off sugar. It will be for the best for me in every way.


  1. Although I don't like this deck so much I love this depiction of the Hermit.
    I am happy for you things will get better soon with the antibiotics. And a big cheer for you for going with out sugar. I wish I could manage this too :D

  2. Reflection is a good key word for this archetype. You can reflect on your experience, and note that what the dentist recommended wasn't any of the treatments you expected from your online perusal. Another reason not to jump into worrying :) Hope the antibiotics have worked and you are pain free!

    1. Those treatments would have been indicated if the infection had been inside the tooth, which fortunately this time it was not. :D