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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Who says life is what happens when you're making other plans? Focus, people!

Chrysalis Tarot, Brooks & Sierra 2014 
Happy Tuesday! We've got the 3 of Spirals (aka 3 of Wands) from Chrysalis Tarot today. The card shows a tree with exposed roots growing in spirals, and a sort of Buddha face emerging from it. Hmm.

Compare it to the 3 of Wands from two favourite and familiar decks, the Rider Waite Smith (left) and the Druidcraft Tarot (right). The mood is very similar. Key word for this card according to the LWB is 'Contemplation.'

My husband, much to my delight, has taken a sudden and intense interest in tarot and has been questioning me constantly about things. The other day I tried to talk him through the suits in a way that would help him find a basic sense of each card. I settled upon this story for the first three cards of the wands suit (images below from Druidcraft, his chosen first deck -- great choice!):

Imagine you are Adam, lying there, a lump of lifeless dust. God touches you and your flesh animates. That's the Ace of Wands. You take a breath and start to open your eyes, sit up, the life moves. That's 2 of Wands. You stand up and look around and think, whoa! I think I'll go THAT way. That's the 3 of Wands.

The 3 of Wands is contemplation of action, it's getting your energy moving in the same direction, the direction that you have chosen. That's the way I see it.

The other day on Facebook I saw a poster that I have written out with a big marker pen and hung on my wall:

Now if this language offends you, I'm sorry. But the sentiment, put that bluntly, is exactly what I needed to hear. The Buddha face (or 'thoughtful Cambodian monk' as he's described in the LWB to Chrysalis Tarot) is in the 'make a fucking plan' phase.

So my work for today is to contemplate my plan. Also to work on it.

Have you decided what it is you want? See above advice. And see you tomorrow!


  1. ha ha ha! love this Carla! oh and the little story to learn the first three cards in the wands is brilliant. now i want to hear the rest lol.

    1. You move on your way, put down down roots, get some success (4 of Wands). You find that life isn't all roses, there will be conflict and annoyances (5 of Wands). You triumph over them (6 of Wands), but find that it takes effort to maintain that triumph (7 of Wands). Life is more complicated, it takes swift action and communication (8 of Wands). You've been through quite a bit and your outlook has changed, you have experience and a kind of earned wariness (9 of Wands). If you are not careful, you could find yourself carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, you must remember to share out the burden with others--even though you have life experience and have been through a lot, you can't do everything yourself! (10 of Wands)

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  3. I think I will print that out and put it somewhere I can see it too. I have been getting the 2 of Wands loads lately, which is my 'planning' card. But what is the use of planning if you are not acting on it?

    My boyfriend has one deck. He got it when we were in Glastonbury. It is also the Druidcraft :)

    1. How funny! Is he enjoying it?

    2. Did you know I bought my husband's deck for him in Glastonbury? In Goddess and the Green Man.