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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Take good care of yourself today

Oracle of Proverbs, Delphi Sutherland 2013 
Today's card from Oracle of Proverbs reminds me to eat well today. It also tells me that simple good habits lead to long term health and well-being.

In other words, taking simple steps today can help make things better for me in the future.

I like this card; it's cheery; the kids look like they're having fun. They've got all those apples to put in the cellar and have all winter... To store apples for winter, you carefully select a thick-skinned variety, and choose the ones that have no bruises on them at all. Wrap them in newspaper or brown paper and carefully place them in a basket or box, and store them in a cool dark place where they will not freeze and where they won't get jostled or bothered. The apples will last 3 or 4 months--the whole of winter. Those apples with blemishes or bruises can be made into apple sauce, apple butter, or apple pie filling, or of course eaten raw or baked and eaten today. :)  Do you put that much thought into apples, or do you just go to the market and buy a couple when the mood strikes?

The point is, knowing what to do with your harvest is an important part of setting yourself up for a safe and happy future. You don't have to eat ALL your apples today, and you don't have to do without and hoard them for tomorrow. You certainly don't have to get just one apple at a time and hope that tomorrow you can find the next one, somehow some way. (You could do it that way, but you don't have to!).

A little moderation today, a little planning for tomorrow, a little remembering to take care of yourself today, a little remembering to spare some thought for your future -- that's the key.

And you thought this saying had something to do with vitamins and fibre intake!

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  1. Well, the vitamins and fibre are still relevant... :D Okay, will try to live this and go do some yoga!