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Monday, 1 September 2014

Back to work - Lennie Week

I haven't used a Lenormand deck in months, so it seems like a good time to break one out. The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle (Watkins 2013) by Caitlin Matthews and Virginia Lee certainly deserves more attention than I have given it since I bought it -- at least a year ago, that was. So I'll be focusing on this particular Lenormand deck for a few posts.

Today I am going back to my 'substantive posts', having been on a secondment for the last 6 months. It was meant to be a 12-month gig, but I asked to be sent back early. It occurred to me recently that while I did a lot of readings about that secondment (would I be shortlisted? Would I be successful at interview? Would I be good at the job?), I never thought to ask how I would actually like it! And so I got all these positive readings and thought, yay! I just wonder if I had done a reading about how I would like, how that would have turned out.

So today I'm doing two draws. First: What do I need to know or do to be successful in returning to my old jobs? And I drew --

Anchor + Moon + Key + Letter + Cloud = Stability + Work + Important thing + Communication + Unclear=

'The key to stability at work is to be careful what you tell others.'

This draw is telling me to quietly take everything in upon my return, to keep my remarks to a minimum. The best thing I can do to get back in the swing of it is to keep my own counsel and carry on. In a few days it will be like I've never left, I'm sure.

Now the second question, which I failed to come out and ask last time: How will I feel as I get back into the routine of my old job? How will I feel about the work?

Tree + Ship + Fish + Anchor + Bear = Health/Long time + Travel + Money/Fluidity + Security + Strength =

'After a long journey (a journey away from health, tellingly), I slip into a place where I feel safe and secure.'

The draw suggests my main feelings will be like the sigh of relief when you get home from a long visit away. There are some interesting combinations within the draw. If we mirror, we see Tree + Bear = strength and stamina, Ship + Anchor = coming into harbour, coming home. It's interesting that the mirrored pairs are closely associated in meaning, Tree and Bear both carrying health connotations, and Ship and Anchor going together like peanut butter and jelly. :) Also the fish fits right in to the ship and anchor imagery, doesn't it. These three cards in the middle, being so closely related by their sea theme, makes me think of feeling like a fish in water, in other words, in my 'element' -- and possible there's something to be said there for feeling more like a 'big fish in a small pond' than a hatchling in the Pacific, which is sort of how I felt in my secondment! And flanking these three middle cards are symbols of longevity and strength, and I think that sums up well how one might expect to feel going back to a post you'd done for ten years.

Now...it doesn't say I'll be over the moon with excitement or ecstatically happy. It says I will feel things are safe and familiar. Yeah.

We'll just have to see how accurate this turns out to be -- I'll revisit this reading in a week or two. Remind me!


  1. What a promising reading for you, about coming back at you old job. I do hope you will feel right at home there :)
    These are two great readings, especially the last one. The cards are blending perfectly together.
    Reading fish as fluidity is new to me and I've just jotted it down in my Lenormand journal Thanks! Looking forward to the next post

    1. :) It was a good day, just like old times.

  2. Interesting to see the Anchor in both spreads - I always like seeing the Key (Never fear, the key is here!....Rana George). These are lovely spreads with lots of positive energy for your return to your old position. Clouds move swiftly, so you'll be feeling comfortable in no time.

    1. Yes, I noticed the Anchor in both. It shows how secure I feel with the work I do in this job, I think. And the people, and the environment, all of it.

  3. Glad your first day back went well, and that you feel you'll slip back into that sense of security. And nice to see you pulling out a Lennie again :)

  4. I am just learning the Leonormand after years of doing tarot. It's taking a little while to wrap my head around as it is read differently.