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Friday, 5 September 2014

Lennie Week - Focus for the Weekend

I'm ending the week of Lenormand draws using the Enchanted Lenormand Oracle with a line of 5 --

What should I focus on this weekend?

Birds + Mice + Scythe + Fish + Child = talk + trouble + sudden end + money/prosperity + beginning

Stopping gossip (troublesome chat) results in beginning of money. You what? LOL


Oh I see. This draw seems to be about self-talk, how our words manifest in reality. I see this as advice to avoid 'speaking trouble into existence' by cutting off destructive talk.

So this weekend, I should focus on speaking from a positive viewpoint, and this will see the beginning of a new era of 'prosperity'. Fish + Child seem to me to have something do with the exuberance of childhood, childlike enjoyment. What sort of prosperity does a child enjoy? Light-heartedness, fun. I can see that.

Interesting. I might be able to cut out the bad talk. It goes against my usual MO! But there's a reason for Scythe.  A Scythe is not a subtle thing -- you know, it's funny. Yesterday in my journal, in response to the prompt 'In what ways would I like to grow?' I wrote 'Stop talking!' And it was this kind of talk that I meant.

Synchronicity strikes again.


  1. I love your interpretation of this line! I sometimes think with The Child, along with what you say about childlike joy, that it could be taking small steps - that it's OK to do things little by little. We can be so hard on ourselves and expect more, but a little goes a long way. Have enjoyed your Lennies :-)

  2. I like your reading style; how you take the pragmatic Lennies one step further and look deeper into the little crystal balls of this deck. I know how hard it is to "shut up", but playing like a child will do the job just perfectly. Wishing you a joyful weekend.

  3. LOL! manifest money with happy self talk !! ;)

  4. You do this kind of psychological, empowering reading with the Lennies really well. I'm glad you haven't gone down the "fortune-telling is the only true form of cartomancy" path :)

    1. This is the only way I can read. No matter how I might start out, even if I try to set the intention to 'tell fortunes' it ends up like this. :)