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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Share a Spread Sunday - Hello Autumn

That autumn feeling is in the air, so let's greet it with a 3-card spread. What does autumn have in store for you? Why not try this spread. I'd love to hear your results. And if you'd like me to read for you using this spread, just click on Order an Email Reading or Book a Live Reading above and let's get started! 


  1. I really like this spread Carla! I used the Tarot of the Magical Forest.

    9 of Swords -- Worry and anxiety are coming to an end.
    The Chariot -- There is a desire to charge ahead, to make big changes, and accomplish tons.
    2 of Swords -- Not so quick though; indecision and uncertainty may slow me down.

    Thanks for sharing the spread! I'm going to keep looking at the cards and considering their message.

    1. And you may be facing a decision. Is there a decision you've been putting off?

  2. Loved the look of this spread, so I gave it a try, linking back to your post. Hope you don't mind me sharing the link here: http://www.neopaganpriestess.com/2014/09/hello-autumn-spread.html Seems like quite a big change coming over the next few months… :)

  3. Very interesting read, thanks for sharing Rowan. I used the Revelations Tarot.

    1) Devil in Reverse- He abuses his power. He is trapped by the lure of money. He only cares for the fulfillment of his own desires.

    2) Queen Of Pentacles- She is a warm hearted woman surrounded by luxury and wealth. She gives from her wholesome heart for the pleasures of the body

    3) Knight Of Cups Reversed- He is removed from his emotions. He turns a blind eye towards them and remains despondent and aloof.

    Thank you for sharing again, helpful spread.