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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Thunder! Lightning! Snakes! - The Horned God

I seem to have forgotten to tell you that The Wicca Deck (Sally Morningstar, US Games 2014) is actually an oracle and not a tarot. Sorry for any confusion!

Today's card is The Horned God, which seems fitting as it is a pivotal time of the year, Autumn Equinox (yesterday) and the new moon (today).

In Wicca, and other neopagan traditions, the Horned God represents male energy, and in some instances, male aspects of deity. In some traditions, there is a belief in an actual Goddess and Horned God. In others, these deities are considered symbolic of energies on earth and in the universe.

There are many symbols of fertility and rebirth in this image, as well as power and duality. The Horned God sits in an oak tree, which has glowing acorns, symbol of growth and rebirth. The snake is a symbol of transformation and rebirth. He holds a torc, a rigid metal piece of neck wear that marked its wearer out as having a high rank. Of course the day and night sky in the background denotes duality and balance.

The companion book is a bit muddled on this card. On the one hand it is said to mean 'fun and celebration,' which frankly I don't see at all. Then it says 'your desires may be out of balance' and also 'we need to give thanks for what we receive'. So I will leave the companion book in this case and use my own associations with the Horned God -- masculine energy, power, and all the qualities we associate with masculinity. The figure in the card has his legs arranged in the figure 4, much like the Jupiter symbol, as we see in traditional Emperor cards in tarot. The Horned God is much like the Emperor, but tempered with a lot more nature energy. (In other words, he's the Emperor with a lot more Empress in there).

Today's my assessment for the new job, and I can use all the masculine energy and power I can get. Come thunder! Flash lightning! Give me the power of the Horned God to impress and persuade. :)

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