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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Why are we here?

Well, the bad news is I didn't get the job I went for yesterday. It was quite demoralising. But oh well. You just have keep going, don't you.

Today's card from Wicca Deck (Morningstar, US Games 2014) is The High Priest. In Wicca, the High Priest is the consort of the High Priestess, in a traditional coven. In this deck the High Priest represents 'Guardianship, wisdom and guidance.' In light of yesterday's disappointment, this bit from the companion book is remarkably apt: 'You may have experienced humbling situations. Pick yourself up and stand true to your higher purpose, then reach for the stars, confident that you, too, have a reason to be here.'

The reason I'm here is because I'm here. Same for you. I personally do not believe that each of us is sent here 'for a reason'. That would not only mean we have no control over our lives, but that we need to search for what that 'one thing' is and then strive to fulfill it. Whereas, realising that there isn't a specific mission to be accomplished in our individual life experience frees us to do absolutely anything we want with our lives. Anything. There's no particular thing I am meant to be or do, except to be alive and to stay alive for as long as I am alive. I am here, just because I am here. Same as a flower, or a tree, or a river. Same as a deer or a whale or an eagle. I came into existence, and I exist. Existence itself is a deep enough meaning for an eternity of pondering; we don't need to define it beyond that.

Existence and life -- these are the higher purpose. Life just is because it is. I find that beautiful and freeing.

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  1. I ma sorry the job "wasn't meant for you" :D
    Yes living our lives to our best ability it what keeps us going. We all have this innate thrive to better ourselves and is up to us if we chose Love as our guide or not