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Monday, 22 September 2014

Wicca Deck - Crystal Ball

This week in honour of Autumn Equinox, I will be drawing from Wicca Deck by Sally Morningstar (Connections 2014). The deck uses objects and concepts associated with Wicca as bases for divinatory interpretation.

Today's card, Crystal Ball, represents clear vision and intuition. It also suggests keeping close counsel. Actually, I've been thinking about both these things lately. I have a tendency to say what I think without considering the consequences or taking the time to temper how I word things. I am forthright and open as well as emotive and quite verbal. Dangerous combination!

'Clear vision now creates your future,' says the companion book. This reminds me that I need to do some preparation and also some serious soul-searching about the upcoming interview on Wednesday. I have a history of focusing a lot of attention on being successful at an interview without really considering what the job might be like or whether I would enjoy it. The secondment I was on earlier this year (which I ended early) is an example. I did a number of readings on my chances of getting the job and how good I would be at it. I didn't remember to read or contemplate how I might actually enjoy the work. Of course, I found that though I did get the job and was able to do it, I didn't like it and so I ended the secondment early. What I need to do this time around, the Crystal Ball card is telling me, is spend time meditating on and envisioning the job I'm going for, to see how I feel about doing it. Just because you go for a job interview doesn't mean you intend to accept it. Just because someone offers you a job doesn't mean you have to take it. Leaping to a yes can be a bad decision.

What will the work be like?

It is a corporate institution with many rules and regs to be followed and I would be in a definite leadership position there. (Tower + Mountain = Institutions + blockages or boundaries, Mountain + Snake = professional conduct that observes or deals with blockages/boundaries.) The buck would stop here, in many cases. There would be responsibility and the need to be shrewd. 

Will I like it? How will I enjoy doing it? What will be my emotional reaction to it?

I have the love and commitment to this institution and the experience to both do a good job and derive satisfaction from it. (Ring + Heart = Commitment + love, Heart + Lily = Devotion and experience.)

This draw suggests I would like it...I will draw again tomorrow and see what I get!  


  1. Wow, a very positive draw on how you will like it. I would read it as an emotional commitment bringing a sense of peace - so if you take it, you will be at peace with yourself :)
    Fingers crossed for the interview!

    1. We shall see. I am a little disheartened to see that a long-time librarian is going for the post to make up her hours to full time presumably. Stiff competition. Well, if I get it I get it and if I don't I don't. :)

    2. Remember, you were snapped up last time. Recognise your own worth and don't worry about the competition! :)

    3. Sorry to hear that! On the other hand, perhaps it means you'll have more time and energy for growing your tarot business... :D