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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Emperor keeps shining his influence today

Well, I've heard that Red Bull gives you energy. I think that little critter's meant to be a ram, though. Or it ought to be for this card. Oh well!

It's the Emperor from Deviant Moon Tarot (US Games 2013) today. Apart from his strange chin and Gene Simmons boots, this character looks almost normal. The symbols on the card are all familiar, too. The chess board is often associated with Emperor; we see it in several decks, denoting the Emperor's black and white view of things, his military skills (ability to out think his adversaries, stay one step ahead of the game to keep a firm hold on his empire). The turrets and castle walls in the background show his power and wealth, which we also see in his purple robe with ermine trim. All very familiar.

'Dominating all that is around him, the Emperor sits with confidence. Although pleased with his achievements, he looks towards other areas of conquest.' ~Patrick Valenza, Deviant Moon LWB

The recent full moon was in Aries, or Emperor, and it looks like his influence continues. Now here's something to contemplate:

What achievements are you pleased with?
What are you dominating, in a good way?
What are you dominating, in a not-so-good way?
What other areas of conquest are you currently looking toward? 
What attitude are you taking toward those areas? 
What kind of action are you contemplating to conquer those areas? 
Are they healthy strategies or harmful ones?
What area do you need to overcome but you haven't quite accessed your inner Emperor enough to deal with? 
How can you make progress in that direction today?

For me, my eating is completely out of control. It has become the Emperor in my life, in a not-so-good way! It has conquered me. I feel like that little red bull/ram creature right under the foot of it. (I'm sort of the same shape, too.) Something must be done; I simply cannot continue as I am.

How can I use Emperor energy today to help me with this issue?
I can look upon the issue as something that can definitely be conquered. A win mentality.
I can set some sort of strategy. A plan.
I can focus attention on practical details rather than allowing daydreams or distractions to lead me astray.
I can make concrete choices that I know will lead me from point A to point B.
I can stay in the here and now and on each choice and decision as it comes. Will doing this (or not doing it) lead me to victory? What would the Emperor do?

And how can you use Emperor energy to get you toward your goals today?

Deviant Moon Tarot, US Games 2013. 


  1. I notice how the moon on this card tops his sceptre. Those structured plans allow him to use his emotions, rather than being controlled by them. He honours them as a source of power, and acts cooly, rather than bulling his way through :) Good luck with the food choices - have you listened to any of those weight loss apps yet? Cxx

    1. I can't figure out how to get the volume to go up so I can hear them. My food choices yesterday were better than the day before but still too many cookies. :) I'll keep fiddling with the phone. I may learn it yet. :)

    2. The two buttons on the left hand side control volume :) Hmm, it's such a hands-on thing... You could take a look at some tips and tricks vids on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_9hmAFVL3o