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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Mnemonic for Lenormand House Placement

This week I'm going to be looking at Caitlin Matthews' phenomenal new book, The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook (Destiny, 2014). I've just finished reading Chapter 1 'Learning the Language of Lenormand'. In this chapter, Matthews suggests a practice of developing a verse to help you remember House order. This will come in handy when laying out a grand tableau. She offers her own verse, but I didn't like it, so I wrote my own, based on hers. My lines are in the form of the Piquet Tableau, in which cards are laid out in 4 rows of 8 and one row of 4. I must point out, when you read this mnemonic, it makes no sense at all. But when you go through the cards in order, laying them down as you chant the verse, you soon memorise it. Then you can say it without the cards. Then you can quiz yourself or get someone to quiz you. Have them name a card, like CHILD. Your challenge is to name all the cards in the same line as CHILD, in order. Then try a quiz where you just name the cards to the left and right of CHILD. And for super university challenge status, try a quiz where you name the cards above and below CHILD. 

He RIDES through CLOVER, a SHIP is his HOME, where the TREE SHADES the SNAKE in the BOX

The FLOWERS are CUT to SHAKE at the BIRDS, and the CHILD sees a FOX and a BEAR in the STARS

The STORK flies the DOG up the TOWER, over the GARDEN, past the MOUNTAIN, and down the PATH, where the MICE steal his HEART

The RING on the BOOK on the LETTER are the MAN's, while the WOMAN offers LILIES to the SUN and the MOON

The KEY in the FISH belly ANCHORS the CROSS

This technique has worked for me in memorising House placement. Why not try out making your own? 

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  1. Hmm, I approached this more mathematically, memorizing the card numbers so then I just have to count. Still, I think I may give this a go, too :)