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Saturday, 27 June 2015

I thought I'd do a general reading with the CC

Pearls of Wisdom, 2nd Edition (Roxi Sims) 

1. What covers me - 4 of Wands
2. What crosses me - The Star
3. What crowns me - Temperance
4. What lies beneath me - Ace of Cups 
5. What lies behind me - 7 of Cups 
6. What lies before me - High Priestess
7. Me - 2 of Pentacles 
8. My house - 10 of Cups 
9. My hopes and fears - 5 of Pentacles
10. What will come - Knight of Pentacles 

This is the Pearls of Wisdom Tarot, a favourite of mine. I'd like to refer to the book throughout for this reading. My current situation is the 4 of Wands crossed by the Star. 'Making plans which suggest a change in direction. Your actions are in harmony with the Universe,' the guidebook says of 4 of Wands. This is crossed by The Star, 'a card of great love, holding the impersonal forces of the Universe in balance.' This suggests that what I'm doing now is for my greatest good. I'm doing okay. And the things I'm thinking of doing are also okay, and will move me in the right direction for me. 

I am crowned by Temperance, I am 'blessed to be in harmony with the Universe' and 'taste of the Divine leading [me] to greater discoveries about [my]self.' And my foundation is the Ace of Cups, 'a clearing and/or cleaning is taking place.' We see the figure baptising herself in the water -- washed clean of the old emotional junk and ready for new feelings and experiences. 

Behind me is confusion -- 7 of Cups, a card which denotes distraction and indecision.  'It is possible that these dreams are a result of your saboteur, the part of yourself which judges you bad or guilty.' So behind me is confused thoughts based on my saboteur. In some ways, at least. :) 

Before me lies some work plumbing the depths of myself, the High Priestess. I have some soul-searching to do. 

I am a fountain, you are my water, 
I flow from you to you.
I am an eye, you are my light, 
I look from you to you. 
You are neither my right nor my left, 
You are my foot, you are my arm as well.
I am a traveller; you are my road. 
I go from you to you. 
                            --Zeynap Hatun (quoted in Pearls of Wisdom LWB)

Meanwhile I am the 2 of Pentacles, seeking balance. 

My house is in good order, where there is 'happiness and harmony' and 'more than enough love'. Things have seemed very good of late. Not perfect but good. 

Of course, my hopes and fears are of avoiding lack, 5 of Pentacles. Especially in the face of attempts at change, I have fear of lack and loss. 

Finally, the outcome of Knight of Pentacles suggests slow and steady is the only way to proceed, methodical, patient and organized. I like that advice anyway. 


  1. When I do a reading for myself I like to use to guidebook too because it prevents me from getting too biased :)

  2. A beautiful, upbeat reading! The Pearls of Wisdom is a great deck for that, so vibrant and created from a place of needing that loving insight. As you say, the Knight of Pents is a pretty good place to head towards :)