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Monday, 14 September 2015

Blades of Glory? Ten of Cups - Fountain Tarot

Fountain Tarot, 2014 
I have to wonder if the creator(s) of this deck are fans of figure skating. Here's another card that not only makes me think of couples figure skating, but even has a structure reminiscent of the winners' podium. It's the Ten of Cups, and a most unusual interpretation of the image it is, too.

The traditional RWS image features a married couple, arm in arm, revelling as they survey their modest but happy holdings in life - a bit of land, a snug cottage, a couple of kids frolicking, and a rainbow over all. That I can imagine myself doing. The image in this card - not so much. Not only can I not imagine myself doing it, I can't imagine myself ever dreaming of doing it, enjoying doing it, or actually needing to do it -- but with the RWS image, yes I can. So in that sense, the image does not work for me. It is not aspirational or comforting - it makes me feel that Ten of Cups satisfaction is not for the masses or the little guy, but perhaps only for those who strive to reach a level of mastery and skill that only a few could ever aspire to. Plus it's something that only a few would ever even actually want to do. Kinda weird, really.

It makes me think of images of like this: 

Or this: 

Or this: 

Or even this: 

But not this: 

And so I really don't think it's successful as a 10 of Cups card. I just don't see contentment, satiety and bliss in an acrobatic pose. Call me crazy. 

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  1. I guess there's an element of being in total harmony and balance despite the difficulties life throws at us in this version of the card. However, overall I'm with you - I'd prefer that last image for my 10 of Cups. It may be because they didn't want to focus on a "traditional" notion of family. But even then, I prefer something that suggests that comfort of being with your "tribe" to this odd acrobatics...