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Monday, 7 September 2015

Lenormand points to health reading again

Today's daily Lenormand reading is a Line of Five from Black Hand Lenormand by Nichelle Barnes (2015). (This deck can be ordered from www.luckyshell.com, or if you are a TABI member, there may be a few left there from a group order at: TABI Black Hand Lenormand .)

This morning I've drawn Star + Mountain + Tower + Cross + Coffin. That's two red cards and three blacks: 6 of Hearts + 8 of Clubs + 6 of Spades + 6 of Clubs + 9 of Hearts. So now it's become apparent that I have drawn three 6s. For reasons that are not made entirely clear, Caitlin Matthews claims in her book 'The Complete Lenormand Handbook' that three sixes = joy. So it is possible that however dire this reading may first appear, with Mountain, Cross and Coffin, it will probably not be negative outcome.

Black Hand Lenormand, Nichelle Barnes 2015 
As it happens I have a hospital appointment today, and when we look at the health meanings given in Andy Borovenshengra's book, Lenormand Thirty-Six Cards, the reading falls into place:

Star = skin
Mountain = hardening of
Tower= institution
Cross = test
Death = sickness

I actually am going to the hospital today to have a mole or marking on my skin examined. I have been referred by my GP. The mark is flat and irregularly shaped and has become thicker and raised in the last few months. Hardening of the skin. I am going to the hospital. If they don't like what they see, I will be sent for further tests.

Based on these cards, I believe the marking will be biopsied. But as I have drawn three 6s here, I think it will be found to be nothing to worry about. The doctor told me he was 99% sure it was just an annoying thing, but he wanted to be safe and send me for tests.

Wish me luck!

Edited at 6 pm: 

Well, I'm the possessor of a seborrhoeic keratosis. Also known as a senile wart, though they are not warts. Basically, it's a very common skin lesion  that appears in some people as part of the aging process and has no known cause. My spot started when I was around 39 years old. They start out as small patches of itchy skin, then go pale brown, then over time they get a little darker and they can look like melanoma. But they're not. So that's what I've got, end of. (Cross + Coffin = end of trouble).

Warning, do not google it. My spot is a small, innocent little brown patch and looks nothing like the awful afflictions that pop up in google image. Spare yourself and your appetite.

But that's a relief!


  1. A great interpretation Carla and good luck at the hospital - I hope that the Coffin doesn't signify anything too ghastly. Maybe you'll want a lie down afterwards? I had something similar and only had to have it removed as it was at that annoying bra strap level!

    1. We decided not to freeze it off because it's not harmful and removing it would be painful and icky. :)

  2. wow, the cards speak! Amazing. Would you tell us your top five Lenormand books?

    1. Actually, I haven't read five books about Lenormand. There are not a lot of books about Lenormand in English, or at least there weren't when I started. I began with Andy Boroshevengra's website. I learned everything about the basic properties of Lennies from Andy, and rejected everything that wasn't traditional (hybrid style emerging from tarot readers trying to figure out how to read Lenormand, was how I looked at it.) Then I bought Caitlin Matthews' book 'The Complete Lenormand Handbook' which is very useful, and at the TABI Conference in July, I bought Andy's book 'Lenormand Thirty-Six Card', which contains the information from Andy's old website all in one slim paperback. A treasure.

  3. Ha! Good advice - I will not Google it ;) ! I am happy to hear that you're okay! Health anxieties are no fun, and it's a blessing when they turn out alright in the end. I agree about Andy and Caitlin's books - they are my go-tos :)

  4. I am a bit late & catching up on your blog. Sorry. But might I add my relief for your outcome, and that I can't believe how incredibly accurate these cards were! They always amaze me. Cheers to good health!