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Thursday, 12 November 2015

77 Question Community Witchy Tag Part Two

(Question 1-16 answered here)

17. What are you feelings on raising kids in the craft?
I don't have any particular feelings other than I think it's best you don't impose your own beliefs on your kids; let them make their own way. They're going to anyway, and it will be better for them if they don't have to overcome whatever you've tried to impose on them. 

18. If you were a goddess or god, who would you be?

Isn't there an app for this? I find this a silly question. I'd be the one who mocks silly questions. I did once very sincerely ask for a vision of the answer to this question. I received an image of a field of wheat blowing in the breeze, which zoomed to a close-up of a glowing head of grain. Puzzled, I began searching and found the goddess Ceres. I think she has something to say to me in this life, but so far I've only managed to cultivate a codependent relationship with carbohydrate. 

19. Do you use astrology in your practice? In what ways?
Only as it pertains to tarot, using Golden Dawn attributions. I also note which sign the moon is in, and when Mercury is in retrograde. 

20. What if any ways could you practice dark magic and still respect the beliefs of Wicca?
Why would one who practices dark magic need to respect the beliefs of Wicca? Why would anyone need to respect the beliefs of anyone? I acknowledge your right to hold beliefs, but I am under no obligation to respect them. This is a non-issue. If the question is, 'Can you practice dark magic and be Wicca,' you'd have to ask a Wicca. (Though depending on the traditions of their coven, they might not give you a straight answer).

21. Do you have any witches in your family?

Yes, though most of them do not think of themselves as such.

22. What item can you not witch without?

My mind, body and spirit. All the other stuff is extra. 

23. What is your favorite sabbat or time of year ritual?

I love the Marsden Imbolc Fire Festival. My favourite sabbat is Beltane

24. Have you ever had a YouTube burn out?

I don't have a You Tube channel and don't watch much, but I have had blog burn out. I should read other people's blogs more but it takes a lot of time just to write my own, let alone read the blogs of lots of other people. Plus I'm lazy. I know it sounds just awful, but I'm nothing if not truthful.  

25. What is your fav witchy shop, and do they have an online store?
To be honest, I dislike witchy shops. Most of them have disappointed me with their items made of resin in a third world country, 'dreamcatchers', a few dusty overpriced decks (lots of Doreen Virtue and one battered Oswald Wirth, for example) and an overwhelming incense smell. Not my thing really. For some reason though, this doesn't stop me going into every one of them I see. Hope springs eternal!

26. When buying witchy items, do they choose you or do you choose them?

I don't buy 'witchy' items. Most of the items in my practice just look like normal items. A bowl, a knife, a bell, a feather, a rock. You won't find a lot of triple- moon-embossed resin brick-a-brack here (you won't find any, to be exact). When I decide I need an item, I go to charity shops and see what finds me. My collection of actual working tools is really quite small. Like some, I did go through a very acquisitive phase, but it all ended up being boxes of junk so I sold nearly all of it. 

27. How do you organize your herbs/ingredients?

I used to have a tin of little plastic packets of herbs and stuff but that all seemed silly to me so I sold them on eBay. Now I just use whatever's in my spice rack, if I need something. I tend to use only the most basic of culinary herbs, and there are lots of trees and plants growing wild all over the place, so I just grab a handful on my way past. 

28. Do you have interest in other deities that you don’t work with; if so, which ones?

I like reading about them. The gods and goddesses were a really nasty lot -- very bad behaviour! (Major Randolph Churchill (1911-68), of Eton College and Christ Church, Oxford was presented a Bible which he read with great amusement, having been persuaded to do so by Evelyn Waugh, and responded, "God, isn't God a shit?")

29. Do you have a fav time of day to do spell work; if so, why?

At night, by candlelight. It just feels more powerful to me. But I find that some of my most successful spells have been done on the fly, in a time of need. Maybe less is more.

30. Are you solitary or do you work with a coven?

Solitary, though I am open to a coven if I were ever to become part of one. I think it would probably have to grow up organically around me, like if I ended up in a circle of friends who started doing ritual together. I don't think I'd ever seek out and try to gain entry into an established coven. That doesn't interest me at all. If I am perfectly honest, I am quite happy to remain solitary. 

31. If you could pick a certain witchcraft tradition that fits your practice most what would it be (Druid, Celtic, Wicca etc)?

I am beginning to think it's chaos magic. Who knew? I certainly didn't realise that was what I was doing. 

32. What was the most creative spell you have ever done. What did you use?

Wouldn't you like to know.

33. What do you prefer for divination (tarot, oracle, runes ,etc, and why?

Tarot. I've tried the others and only tarot felt natural to me at once. 

34. What are some ways you keep yourself grounded?

Cheetos? :)

35. Have you ever had a spell go horribly wrong?

Yes. Never anoint a black candle in pee and throw the remnants in a river and expect things to end well.

36. What are your opinions on initiation rituals?

I've never been to one, couldn't say. But I've read them and they seem like they would be moving. On the other hand, I think you can self-initiate by doing something as simple as feeling some beauty in the world and saying, 'I want to be part of this, always.' 

37. Have you ever had full contact with your deity; if so, what happened?

No, but I did briefly shapeshift with a crow once and that was amazing. 

38. What about you is un witchy?

Doubting of self and the value I bring to the world. 

39. For the dating witch, how do you tell a new love interest that you are a witch?


40. Who is a past witch that has inspired you ,famous or not?

Doreen Valiente. I adore her. 


  1. Love your answers! Some things I am completely agreed with and in some I'm your opposite... And some I don't even have the slightest idea about, lol!

  2. For a goddess who mocks silly questions, Athena comes to mind ;) As for raising kids in the craft, I think I will be honest with my kids about my beliefs and what I do, but as you say, they've got to make up their own minds.
    Had to laugh at the peeing on a black candle and chucking it in the river comment, I remember that one!