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Saturday, 14 November 2015

77 Questions Community Witchy Tag Part Four

63. What if any legal herb do you use for moods?
Chamomile tea

64. What is the most recent spell/ritual you have done? (slight detail please)

Sorry, I'm not comfortable sharing. 

65. Do you have a happy place you go to during meditation?

Zoning out yet not daydreaming. Hard to describe.

66. What is your favorite witchy book?

Practical Solitary Magic by Nancy B Watson for magic. Witchcraft for Tomorrow by Doreen Valiente for Wicca type stuff.

67. Do you have a ritual to get ready before a ritual or spell? (what is it) 

Preparing altar. Bath with candles, donning of ritual garments and ornaments. 

68. Do you always use your own spells or do you tweak others?

Always my own spells

69. Do you prefer spells/ritual inside or outside?


70. If you are coming from a Christian/catholic background. Did you find the transition hard with family and the whole going to Hell thing? Basically leaving all you been told was right?

Yes. I have struggled with the fear that all this is demonic deception. 

71. What are your totem animals?


72. What are some things you reuse after spells/ritual work?

Anything that was not used up. 

73. Who helped you most when you starting on your path?

A very experienced friend

74. Do you know any good witchy phone apps (like moon phases)?

I don't do apps. 

75. What is your favorite magical study?


76. Outside of the YouTube and Facebook community, do you have a lot of witchy friends in the physical world?

I have a few. 

77. Do you feel that the deities we work with are a force from one higher power and that all beliefs and religions are from the same one God/place?


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  1. Legal herb for moods - chamomile :D And I still find it so strange that you sometimes think it might all be demonic deception and that you're headed for that Christian Fire and Brimstone...