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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Ramblings on books

This is a good card for today! I am using my new Mac Mini and it's all certainly a mystery to me. There have been a few surprises. First, it's not lightning fast -- though to be fair I bought the lowest spec machine. Second, even though it was meant to be plug and play, I have had to buy a new monitor and a cable to get the thing to work, so that's an extra £140 I wasn't expecting to spend. I also thought all those Windows updates would be a thing of the past, and I guess they are -- but since turning it on last night, I've had two rather lengthy 'update' sessions for software on this computer, so it seems like six of one and half a dozen of the other! And finally, I have no idea about firewalls or anti-virus protection and if I need to install something. I assume I do, but I forgot to ask about it in the shop and the guys there never mentioned it. They did say I have two weeks to decide to take it back, so there is the grace period. But maybe in two weeks I will be used to it all.

Now, what have we here on this card? We've got a hare and the full moon. The hare I presume is meant to be leaping over a stream, though it looks more to me like a white fur carpet runner. He's in a grove of oak trees in the fall. An owl watches the scene, and in the corner, some of those fairy mushrooms with red caps and white dots on them so beloved of children's drawings. The keyword is 'Timing'.

"When Moon appears, it indicates that timing is important to consider," says the companion book. "Everything has its moment of greatest potency and expression. What has been hidden from you will soon be revealed, as you let things flow without obstruction...You carry hidden treasures and potentials, which can be effectively explored at the moment. Plant seeds for a bright future and plan ahead."

Well, let's take stock. I'm still waiting for my pack from OBOD. I know they've received payment because my bank statement reflects it. I do hope it comes soon. I've also been reading Witchcraft for Tomorrow by Doreen Valiente and A Witches' Bible by Janet and Stewart Farrar. I'm doing a lot of exploring of old school thought lately. It's like a stock take. The last time I did was in 2010. It's really interesting to look back on the notes I took then and compare to where I am now. Some things I embraced or rejected outright back then are quite opposite now. I guess that is to be expected.

Something I'm finding really interesting in A Witches' Bible is the chapter called 'The Rest of the Book of Shadows', which gives the non-ritual passages of Gardner's Book of Shadows, along with commentary on it from Doreen Valiente and Janet and Stewart Farrar. It presents you with the chance to examine Gardner's notes and practice, read the thoughts of some of the most influential people in the modern pagan witchcraft movement, and formulate your own responses. It's a lot more useful than some fluffy 'witchcraft 101' book that just gives you a bunch of rigamarole like 'burn a pink candle to attract new love'.

Speaking of moon, it's a full moon on Wednesday, the first full moon after Samhain. It seems like an auspicious time for rededication.


  1. The Witches Bible does sound interesting. And I'm impressed with your reviewing your notes from five year ago! I guess I always figure that where I am now reflects the 'soup' of my life, and that those old influences and developments are in there somewhere, even if I don't examine them explicitly... Or maybe I'm just lazy ;)

    1. Well, I bought a big black blank book at Ryman's years ago, and I just keep adding to it. So it's just a matter of flipping back in the book.