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Monday, 16 November 2015

Shielding and Opening Up

The Wicca Deck by Sally Morningstar 
I've been thinking a lot about my spiritual practice lately, and so I decided to draw from The Wicca Deck by Sally Morningstar. I've drawn Black Cat, which denotes psychism, clairvoyance and psychic protection. 'Energies around you can guide you to great clarity,' it says, but also, 'watch those within your circle of aquaintances, as someone may not have your best interests at heart. Increase your psychic protection and withdraw your energy.'

Yesterday a mini-cyber-saga played out that reminds why I am solitary. I joined an online circle, which shall remain nameless. I was questioned before allowed to enter, and then when I got in there I saw that the circle claimed to be a 'tradition' I'd never heard of, and I have actually read rather widely. I'll call it the Ralphian tradition. Turns out that it's named after Ralph Jones (not a real name) who lives in Podunk State (not a real state) and has proclaimed himself the 'Witch King' (that is the real title). The photo I found showed a person of such youth that this 'tradition' can't be of very long standing. This sort of thing makes me squint and scoff, but I thought, what the hell, let's see what this place is all about. I decided to post an announcement that a Doreen Valiente museum is opening in Brighton next year, as surely a group that calls itself Wiccan (even if of the 'Ralphian tradition') would be interested in that. A moderator made vague comments suggesting I read the rules. She referenced one of them.  I had read them. I went and read them again. I asked her how this contravenes a rule. She didn't tell me. I said, 'Are you going to tell me what I've done?' Another member of the group started guessing what I may have done, and I thought, you know what, sod this. I've been in this group 2 minutes and I'm already breaking their rules. Plus I've looked at Ralph's rituals and he thinks there's a 'vale between the world' at Samhain. Learn to spell, mate. So I left. One day in a group, I felt burdened. As soon as I left it, I fell relieved. Some of us just don't belong in a group, and that's okay! (Well certainly not that one in any case!)

Wondering what I might need to shield from, I drew three playing cards:

White Knuckle Playing Cards 
At the most basic level, Spade - Diamond - Spade denotes 'a troubled purse'.  Looked at individually, 2 of Spades is exchange and trouble, ie, arguing. 4 of Spades is stability of trouble, ie, par for the course! Now to the middle card, 5 of Diamonds is body/health and means to ends, ie, what is profitable for me personally. I need to psychically shield from anything that troubles or upsets me or has had a history of doing so. Now's not the time for that sort of challenge. Well, obviously. (I might also need to take this quite literally and be careful of my finances.)

So what sort of challenge is it the time for?

White Knuckle Playing Cards

Ah! Hearts - Clubs - Hearts = expending energy on passions. The 8 of Hearts shows thinking a lot about what we love, 5 of Clubs shows hard work in the physical realm, the 4 of Hearts is emotional stability. I'm almost certain I know what this is pointing to. Yesterday I decided to send off for the introductory pack of OBOD. Druidry has plonked itself into my path over and over of late. It started around the same time I started seeing 11:11 everywhere, as it happens. Then at Witchfest on Saturday, Druidry caught my eyes and ears again. The phrase 'people of the sun' has been making itself known to me a lot lately. I visited the website and this cinched it:

Ronald Hutton, Professor of History at the University of Bristol, says in his book The Druids:

I felt like it was another sign, because Ronald Hutton is a person who I esteem very, very highly. I think exciting times are ahead! 


  1. Oh, it will be fascinating to read what you make of the OBOD course, even if you can't quote it directly or anything! And had to lol at the "Ralphian" group :D