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Friday, 4 December 2015

Ouch. My face.

Llewellyn Tarot 
This is how I feel today. Yesterday somehow I managed to hurt my shoulder while taking a bath. When I got in the bath, my shoulder didn't hurt, when I got out, it hurt like heck. Don't ask me. I didn't do any odd reaching or twisting, I didn't get out of the tub funny, it just hurts. Right across the top, the collarbone and trapezius area. I've taken ibuprofen and will be careful today. This is all getting a little tiresome.

Last month, I spent a fortune on some new workout DVDs, and then more money when they got nabbed by customs and I had to pay £20 extra just to get them from the Post Office. I've done two of them, once each. Last one was first week of November.

I was looking at myself in my bathrobe yesterday. The belt on my bathrobe keeps getting shorter, you know what I mean? Gosh, I've gotten fat again. Fat and mushy and my back and shoulders hurt. How bad does it have to get before I take some action? And the real question, am I going to wait until it's too late before I do something? The day will come when I won't be physically able to do the things that I am refusing to do today. The day will come when I wish I could do what I refuse to do now. And that day is not going to announce its arrival, it's not going to mark the diary for me. Once it comes, that's it. I should do a little something today. It doesn't have to be a lot. Just something.

Maybe some yoga. Super gentle and intelligent yoga.

Wait a minute. CBT kicking in. 'I should do something today.' Remove the should. Change should statements to 'desire to'.

I desire to do a little yoga today. I desire to do some yoga today. I desire to. :)


  1. Might just be tension in you trapezius muscles where that tension concentrates and work it's way outwards. I hope you feel better soon.
    I know exactly what you are saying Carla. I have removed that word from my vocabulary and don't "should "on myself any more.

    1. Thanks. I may have desired to this morning, but I don't desire to now. Not happening. :)

  2. Sorry to hear about your shoulder, hope it's feeling better today! Did a guided meditation today that had me listen to my 'should' voice and notice how bullying, mean and petty it is. Then hear that despite all that, its intention is to help me achieve the things I want. It asked, can you turn that should into a supporter? 'You go, girl, you CAN do some yoga!' :D