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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The Lovers and me

Can you Adam-and-Eve it? Another major today.

It's my soul and personality card, The Lovers. (If your tarot numbers add up to 6, The Lovers is both your personality and soul card. These are featured in the work of Mary K Greer, for an overview of how to calculate, see here. )

I did a chart in which I calculated my year cards for every year from my birth year until age 79 (that's where I ran out of room on the page in my journal). The cards that appear most in my lifetime up until age 79 are:

Hermit - 9 times
Wheel of Fortune - 9 times
Strength - 8 times
Justice - 8 times
Chariot - 7 times
Hanged Man - 7 times
Lovers - 6 times
Death - 6 times.

Lovers passed out of my life chart in 2012. Unless I live past 100, it won't make another appearance. The Devil, my 'Hidden Factor' or 'Teacher' card, will turn up in 2021. He'll be back again in 2030 and 2039.

I've read that your soul card is your purpose through many lifetimes, and your personality card is your purpose in this lifetime. I have a slight problem with that because 1) unless I am born on a day that adds up to 6 every time, my 'life purpose through many lifetimes' is going to change,  and 2) I don't actually believe that there is a purpose to any lifetime. I do think that the cards may reflect the issues that we grapple with in this lifetime. (Whether there are other lifetimes is a meaningless question to me. I only get my present consciousness once, so the issue has no bearing.)

Without sharing too much personal stuff, I can say that Lovers is relevant to my life experience so far. I do wrestle a lot with relating to others -- I am what I call a non-shy introvert -- and making choices presents me with agonies beyond measure. Once I arrive at a decision, though, I am (mostly) dead set on it. I can draw a line under things, that's for sure. But wow does it cost me to draw that line. Also have to admit, I do sometimes wonder if the choice I made was the right one, though I try to squelch those thoughts before they send me scrambling for a squirt of Rescue Remedy. :)

Wonder what decision I may face today.


  1. Choices choices choices. I am so tired of all these choices every day over and over again. The one I dislike the most is "what we are going to eat today? Let's do the math on this one: 58 (my age) - 21 (Moving out) = 37 x 365 = 13505 meals so far!
    I am glad I don't remember the meals from previous lifes :D

    1. I ended up spending a lot of time selecting houses to possibly view. Oh the pressure!